Post-Settlement Mediation in Burundi

Post-Settlement Mediation in Burundi

Tuesday 23 March 2021
Tue, 2021-03-23 13:00 - 14:30
  • Post-Settlement Mediation in BurundiPost-Settlement Mediation in Burundi

PSIA presents:


Post-Settlement Mediation in Burundi after the Civil War:
How to Compose Relations with Leaders

Wednesday 23 March 2021 | 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm CET

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The intensity of conflicts in many parts of our world calls for a radical change. Mediation can support a positive endeavor of composing rather than decomposing relations. Indeed, when peace accords were signed between belligerents in Burundi, a wide-scale post-settlement mediation program, undertaken by professional facilitators with the buy-in of the national leadership and the international community, aimed to support the rebuilding of relations that years of violence and civil war have deeply decomposed. The mediation workshops that were organized in Burundi impacted the way participants from many sectors of the country managed their exit from the violent Burundian conflict.

An opportunity to shed light on this experiment, its success and limitations, this webinar will offer a conversation with Alain Lempereur, PSIA Faculty and Professor at Brandeis and Harvard PON; Eugène Nindorera, Former Burundian Minister of Human Rights and UNMISS Human Rights Director; Fabien Nsengimama, Former Adviser to the President of Burundi and Director of the Burundi Leadership Training Program; and Liz McClintock, Executive Director of the Bridgeway Group. Tina Robiolle will introduce the session and facilitate the Q&A.

Guest Speakers: 

  • Alain LempereurProfessor at Brandeis University, Harvard PON & PSIA
  • Eugène NindoreraFormer Burundian Minister of Human Rights and UNMISS Human Rights Director
  • Fabien NsengimamaFormer Adviser to the Burundian President and Director of the Burundi Leadership Training Program
  • Liz McClintockExecutive Director of the Bridgeway Group
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