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Jean-Michel Oudot holds a PhD in Economics (2007), with a specialization in defense procurement. Winner of the defense economics award from the French defense Minister (2008), he has been working for four years in the French defense procurement agency (DGA, as an economic analyst) and six years in the financial directorate of the French department of defense as chief economist. J-M. Oudot had the opportunity to expertize many operations and domains in an effective and operational manner.


Along with his professional activities, Mr. Oudot has been teaching for 8 years at Paris I and II Universities, and 6 years at Sciences Po, where he is responsible for the lecture dedicated to defense economics. In 2013, he has been appointed to the scientific council of the High Council for Strategic Education and Research (CSFRS). J-M. Oudot is also a member of the Chair specialized in the economics of public private partnerships (IAE Paris I).

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