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Dual degree with ISAE-Supaero (Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space Engineering)

Sciences Po has partnered with ISAE-SUPAERO, a higher education institution delivering top-level aeronautical and aerospace engineering programmes, to offer a dual Master’s degree programme.

The aim of this programme is to give ISAE-SUPAERO engineering students and Sciences Po students the means to acquire dual expertise that will be recognised on the labour market.

This dual degree invites students to explore political, economic, social and cultural processes through a dialogue between the social sciences studied at Sciences Po (law, economics, contemporary history, political humanities, political science and sociology) and science at ISAE-SUPAERO.

The objective is for students to gain a deeper understanding of scientific issues and subjects thanks to the acquisition of specific scientific expertise combined with a social science perspective. These two complementary approaches offer students solid conceptual and methodological tools with which to parse the world's complexity.


The dual degree programme takes three years. For Sciences Po students, it is organised as follows:

  • The first year takes place at Sciences Po. Students complete the courses for the first-year curriculum of their Master’s programme.
  • The second and third years take place at ISAE-Supaero in Toulouse. In the third year, students carry out a specialization and complete a final internship.

Once they have completed the curriculum at both institutions and satisfied all course requirements, students are awarded a Sciences Po Master’s degree and a Master’s level engineering degree from ISAE-SUPAERO.


This dual degree is designed for students who want to acquire expertise in the aviation and aerospace industries and go on to work for public organisations (e.g., the European Space Agency or CNES, the French Space Agency) or private organisations (consulting firms, companies, financial institutions, audit, etc.); participate in aeronautics and aerospace research programmes; or manage large-scale industrial projects in various fields of application and in international, multicultural environments.


Only Sciences Po students currently enrolled in the first year of their Master’s at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), the School of Public Affairs, the School of Management and Impact or the Urban School or in a gap year between Master 1 and Master 2 at Sciences Po, are eligible for this dual degree programme. The first year of the Master's programme will count as the first year of the dual degree programme.

Science education at the undergraduate level prior to admission is preferred but not redhibitory. 

You are allowed to apply only once during your Master’s studies, and the application shall take place the year before the admission. In case of admission, it won't be possible to postpone it.

If you are currently enrolled in a dual degree, you are not allowed to stand for another program and your application will be declared inadmissible.

If you are currently enrolled in a dual degree, you are not allowed to stand for another program and your application will be declared inadmissible.

For PSIA students: please inform your academic advisor of your intention to apply before the course registrations of the spring semester (you may need to adjust your choice of concentration courses).


Compulsory supporting documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport or ID card;
  • A CV;
  • A cover letter (one to two pages) explaining your project in relation to the double degree;
  • Your academic transcripts (from the first year of study in higher education) and the cumulative media for each academic period. 
  • A copy of your diplomas

Optional supporting documents:

  • Academic and/or professional recommendations (two letters maximum)

Your complete application (including all the required documents) must be sent as one single PDF document (<10 Mo) before February 1, 2023 at noon (Paris time) via the form below:

Link to the application form (accessible with your Sciences Po ID)

No applications submitted after the set deadline will be considered.

If you encounter technical difficulties while submitting your application file, please send a copy of this file, in a single PDF document, to the following address: doubles.diplomes@sciencespo.fr.

Calendar for the admissions procedure

  • December, 2023: information meeting about the dual degree 
  • February 1st, 2024, before noon (Paris time): deadline for application submission
  • February: applications evaluated by Sciences Po programme coordinators and pre-selection results
  • First half of March: interviews with ISAE-Supaero programme coordinators
  • First half of April: admission results announced

Tuition fees

Each year, students are required to pay the tuition and registration fees for the institution they will attend that academic year. A student from Sciences Po pays Sciences Po fees in the first year and the ISAE-Supaero fees for the next two years.

Students admitted to the dual degree programme may be eligible for needs-based financial aid, including fee waivers.


If you have any questions, please contact doubles.diplomes@sciencespo.fr

Additional Information

Read the presentation of the Dual Degree, December 12th, 2023 (PDF in French, 1.2 Mo)