Admission to a graduate dual degree programme

Last Update: 
21 October 2022

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The 2022-23 admissions are open.

Sciences Po has signed dual degree conventions with several major universities throughout the world. Each year, these programmes enable students selected by both institutions to complete one year of studies at Sciences Po and the other at the partner institution, with a degree awarded by each university.

The prestige of these degrees and the linguistic skills acquired, together with the experience of student life in two different countries, are advantages greatly prized by potential employers today, particularly European and international companies and organisations.

Dual degrees programmes (for domestic or international admissions)

Check the list of dual degrees available through domestic or international graduate admissions.

Please note:

Dual Degree Admissions

Admission is granted on the basis of the evaluation of the application form and the required documents.

The final decision is taken by a joint committee Sciences Po/partner institution.

Several criteria are taken into account during the selection process.

How to apply

The application file to be completed depends on the applicant's previous academic career (see below).

Important information

  • You cannot apply to two dual degree programmes. You can however apply to a dual degree programme and a Master programme.In this case, the dual degree programme will automatically be positioned as your first choice. This is only a technical constraint which will not prevent you from choosing whichever programme you want to attend, should you be admitted to both programmes.
  • If deadlines for these two programmes differ, you must respect the first to come to term.  
  • The Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs and the Joint Master in Law and Finance are not considered as dual degrees.
  • Applications to dual degree programmes will only be considered if they include the required language test scores by the deadline of the selected programme. No conditional offers are provided for dual degree programmes.
  • Candidates are notified as to the outcome of their dual degree application two to three months after the selected programme's application deadline.
  • Students must take up their place on a dual degree course at the beginning of the academic year following admission. It is not possible to defer entry for these programmes.
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