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The Department of Sociology at Sciences Po is responsible for coordinating, consolidating and constantly revitalising the sociology courses on offer, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Drawing on the talents of around thirty teacher-researchers affiliated with Sciences Po’s various research centres, the Department offers a solid formation in general sociology and quantitative and qualitative methods, covering a broad spectrum of fields of study.

At the undergraduate level, students can take general introductory classes and learn about important fields within the discipline such as education, stratification and social inequalities, cities, ways of life, organisations, the State and public activity, the market, business, immigration and health.

Classes on themes such as gender, discrimination, risks, the environment, new technologies, and globalisation are also on offer.

Students can choose to specialise in any of these fields in our Master’s programs, which emphasise the methodological and theoretical aspects of sociology with a particular focus on comparative studies.

The Department mainly draws on four research centres, all of which are renowned for producing researchers of the highest quality:

The Department’s international renown allows it to develop collaborations and joint educational programs with other great social sciences universities, particularly in the United States, Great Britain, Brazil and Italy.

The national and international value of a Master or Ph.D. from Sciences Po can be seen in the quality and diversity of the professional opportunities taken up by Sciences Po graduates over the past fifteen years.

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