METAT : workshop on methods

METAT is a workshop for research methods: each month, a three-hour slot of support and technical advice on the research methods you need for a scientific project.

Concretely ?

METAT is a three-hour "open door" workshop that takes place every second Tuesday of the month from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on the Sciences Po campus in Paris. Each session welcomes a variable number of participants depending on the requests received.

Each session begins with a methodological group discussion that allows for a better understanding of the issues and problems encountered by each participant. Then, small groups of participants/coaches are formed to individually address very practical aspects, such as the reformulation of hypotheses, the choice of a method, the limits of a data corpus, the question of data dissemination or various technical problems. The objective is to help the participant to move forward. To meet this challenge, the coaching can take different forms depending on the issues: programming, help in using turnkey tools or exclusively discussion.

Who is METAT for?

The METAT is intended for anyone who would like to receive occasional support in the use of a research tool or method. All profiles are welcome: students, (post)doctoral students, researchers, research engineering professionals or others, both internal and external to Sciences Po, without restriction of status or affiliation. This support can take place at any stage of a project.

Who organizes it?

METAT is organized by a group of research engineers, archivists, documentalists and cartographers from Sciences Po who wish to exchange and train through practice.



More info: METAT Webpage

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