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The Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO) – a joint research unit affiliated with Sciences Po and the CNRS – is an academic centre that built its reputation on organisational studies and has progressively broadened its scope. Today, the centre is well-known for research in the fields of economic sociology, the sociology of organisations, of public action, of professions, of social movements, and of law.

The centre is directed by Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier and Patrick Castel as Deputy Director.


The research carried out at the CSO covers a wide range of subjects, which are often approached from a comparative perspective and maintain a conscientious familiarity with the changes taking place in contemporary society.

Research at the CSO is organized into 5 research programmes that aim to explore their subjects within a sociological approach:




Department of Organisation (IOA), Copenhagen Business School


The CSO and the IOA share not only common research topics and interests, but also a similar approach to the study of organisations. This approach is grounded in a belief that the world we live in – shaped by an ever-increasing number of organisations and organising processes – requires new approaches that take into account the roles of both social movements and social media, of professions and entrepreneurial skills, of market mechanisms and bureaucratization, traditional forms of knowledge and big data, global trends and local particulars. This collaboration aims to establish joint seminars and research stays for PhD students and researchers so as to promote the development of joint research projects.

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies


The CSO and the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne (MPIfG) have been developing close scientific relations for many years. This partnership takes a number of different forms:

  1. The organisation of interlinked research seminars.
  2. Research stays and researcher exchanges between the two institutions.
  3. An exchange programme for doctoral students.
  4. The foundation of a Franco-German centre in Paris by Max Planck and Sciences Po in 2012.


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