From the Region to the Global and its Many Narratives. Interview with Karoline Postel Vinay

Al-Idrisi's World Map (1154). Copyright: public domain.

CERI Sciences Po Research Professor Karoline Postel Vinay has been exploring for several years the concept of narratives of the global, through a de-centred (non-European) analysis of the international. What are narratives of the global, and why are there several narratives, sometimes competing? Where do regions stand in the global realm and are they an entity with a future? Karoline Postel Vinay answers our questions and helps us better grasp what history, also, has to do with the international.

You have been working for some time on what you call “narratives of the global”. Would you mind giving us an overview of what you mean by this concept?

Simply said, narratives of the global are the numerous “stories”, whether converging or conflicting, that actors (communities, institutions, states…) tell about what it is and what it means to share a global scene. I put quotation marks around the word “story” because narratives are more than stories, as the field of narratology has demonstrated through the works of literary critics (...)