Prepare for your move to France

Prepare for your move to France

Find information on housing at each campus
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Finding accommodation is a key step to take care of before arriving at Sciences Po. Given the urban locations of each of the seven Sciences Po campuses, various options are available. Below are general descriptions of the options available, as well as links to information specific to each campus. It is recommended that students act swiftly and find a place to stay well in advance of their arrival. 

New students preparing for their arrival to Sciences Po are encouraged to visit the following website.

Student Residences

Sciences Po does not offer on-campus housing. However, there are residences designated for students around most campuses, in which students can rent out a small studio or an apartment. These are popular given their convenience: they are often close to campus, include many amenities, and offer a chance for students to get to know each other. These residences are owned by agencies and have a manager on site. 


Private residences are available as well. Students can choose furnished or unfurnished apartments, and may choose to live alone or share a flat with other students. Private residences are oftentimes cheaper than student residences, even when accounting for gas and electricity costs, and more spacious. In addition, the administration on campus may have a list of offers and landlords or agencies to contact to find a place; otherwise, you may do an independent search. Oftentimes, first year students will take the apartments previously rented to second year students. 


Another option is to rent out a single room & bathroom from a local resident. Students would have the opportunity to live with French residents, which may prove to be a cheaper option. While there may be less privacy, students would be able to be more immersed in the French language and culture. In addition, there are organizations, such as Welcome2France, that can help arrange this sort of accommodation and put students in touch with French families.

Housing information for each campus

Learn more about housing options on each campus.

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