International admissions: unsuccessful applications

Last Update: 
27 July 2020

Selection at Sciences Po is highly competitive and our decision should in no way cast doubt on your qualifications or experience. We receive many excellent applications and it is not possible to accept them all. The number of candidates increases every year, which means that we have to select only the very best. We understand your disappointment and your wish to know more about the reasons for our decision.

Here are some examples that may explain why your application was unsuccessful.

Assessment of your application

The selection panel assesses each element of your application in detail. The assessment is based on all the information provided by the applicant: academic transcripts, cover letter, choice of master’s degree, work experience or internships, career plan, personal background, nonprofit and/or political engagement, etc. Consult the selection criteria.

We would like to remind you that despite the quality and diversity of the applications we receive, it is very rare that candidates whose grade average is below our prerequisite should receive an admission offer.

Furthermore, it is possible that, despite an excellent academic record, your application was considered insufficient in other areas, such as your motivation or the arguments put forward to justify your application to Sciences Po. It may also be that your qualifications or career plan are not sufficiently coherent with the Master’s programme to which you have applied.


The decisions of the selection commitees are final and not subject to any appeal.

Waiting lists

Admissions at Master's level do not provide for a waiting list. 

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