Who are the first-year students at Sciences Po?

  • First-year students at Sciences Po ©Sciences PoFirst-year students at Sciences Po ©Sciences Po

The academic year has just got underway on the seven campuses of the Sciences Po Undergraduate College. Our undergraduate students come from many different backgrounds and they each have their own story to tell about their journey to Sciences Po. Why did they choose this university? What are their goals? Take a tour of the campuses and meet the students.

Why choose Paris for your Master's degree?

  • ©Khasan Redjaboev©Khasan Redjaboev

Khasan Redjaboev is from Uzbekistan and a graduate of the dual degree programme between Sciences Po and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS.

Sciences Po launches the School of Management and Innovation

To train professionals capable of rethinking the role of business in society
  • Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation ©Sciences PoSciences Po School of Management and Innovation ©Sciences Po

Today, business is under increasing scrutiny with regard to its social responsibilities. By contributing to economic growth, companies play a significant social and political role in addition to their economic one, with an impact at the local, national and transnational levels. They are now expected to reconcile the interests of their shareholders with those of many other stakeholders, while addressing issues of the common good.

"I want to work with communities that i'm not familiar with and try to solve problems together"

  • ©Libertad Sobrado©Libertad Sobrado

Libertad Sobrado started volunteering with non-profit organisations when she was at high school in Costa Rica. She has been involved in various initiatives to help improve living conditions for local populations through recycling, environmental protection and education. Libertad looks at her studies at Sciences Po as a way to further her engagement. The fourth in our series #FirstYearsScPo.

Campus on the docks: study in Le Havre

  • Le Havre campus ©Martin Argyroglo / Sciences PoLe Havre campus ©Martin Argyroglo / Sciences Po

Located in a city listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Le Havre campus is home to the Europe-Asia undergraduate programme. Students spend their first two undergraduate years in Le Havre and then go on a year abroad to complete an internship or study at one of Sciences Po’s 470 partner universities.

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