The politics of symbols: the French government’s response to the 2015 terrorist attacks
27 October 2018
Lyon, France - March 15, 2017: Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes building in Lyon. Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes is a region of France created by the territorial reform of French Regions in 2014 par ricochet64, Shutterstock
Citizen representations of regional democracy
5 November 2018

Researchers and research engineers working on environmental issues

Diégo Antolinos-Basso, research engineer at medialab and CEVIPOF
Data collection and analysis, Politics of the Earth

François Bafoil, CNRS research director at CERI
Energy policies in Central and Eastern Europe and in Southeast Asia

Richard Balme, political scientist, Full Professor at CEE
Climate change policies, environment policies in China , institutions, governance, diplomacy

Anne-Laure Beaussier, sociologist, CNRS research fellow at CSO
Risk regulation in Europe, healthcare policy in the United States and Europe

Olivier Borraz, sociologist, CNRS Senior research fellow at CSO
Government of health and environment risks

Daniel Boy, political scientist,  emeritus research director at CEVIPOF
Electoral sociology, Political ecology in France and Europe

Jean Chiche, politist, CNRS research ingeneer at  CEVIPOF
Electoral sociology, Political ecology in France and Europe

Philippe Coulangeon, sociologist, CNRS research director at OSC
Lifestyle, Social motivations and incentives of Ecological Conversion

Renaud Crespin, sociologist, CNRS research fellow at CSO
Rationalization of public action in the areas of health and the environment

Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, sociologist, CNRS research director at CSO
Economic sociology, Consumption, Fair trade, Sustainable development

Florence Faucher, political scientist, professor at Sciences Po, researcher at CEE
Political parties, Political cultures, Political anthropology, Ecology and environment, Activism

Serge Galam, CNRS emeritus research director at CEVIPOF
Sociophysics, Rumours, Disordered systems, votes, Coalitions, Decision making, Controversies, Public opinion

Charlotte Halpern, political scientist, FNSP research fellow at CEE
Public action, Urban sociology, Public policies, Social mouvements, European Union

Carola Kloeck, political scientist, Assistant professor at CERI
Adaptation to climate change, international climate negotiations, global environmental governance, small island developing states

Jean-Noël Jouzel, sociologist, CNRS research fellow at CSO
Environmental health issues, Public action

Bruno Latour, sociologist, philosopher, emeritus Full Professor at médialab
Sociology of sciences, Philosophy of social sciences, Anthropology of modernity

Eloi Laurent, Senior economist at OFCE
Sustainable development

Pierre Lascoumes, CNRS emeritus research director at CEE
Sociology of law, Public action, Corruption, Environment

Paul Malliet, economist at OFCE
Applied environmental macroeconomics, renewable energies

Giacomo Parrinello, historian, Assistant Professor at Centre for History
Environmental history

Bernard Reber, philosopher, CNRS Research director at CEVIPOF
Governance, Environmental ethics and emerging technologies, Ethique de l’environnement et des technologies controversées, Design institutionnel, Evaluation

Sandrine Revet, anthropologist, FNSP Research director at CERI
Catastrophes and risks, environment, international organizations, environmental governance

Aurélien Saussay, economist at OFCE
Applied environmental macroeconomics

Eric Verdeil, geographer, Full professor at CERI
Political ecology of urban infrastructures

Francesco Vona, economist at OFCE
Environmental economics

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