21 September 2023

Why and How to Make Objects Last

A doctoral student at the Center for the Sociology of Organisations, Julie Madon has just received the Treilles Foundation’s ‘Young Researcher’ prize for the quality […]
21 September 2023
Green Deal européen. Image Pixabay

Can the Green Deal Make European Agriculture Greener?

What are the foundations and goals of the European Green Deal? What impact will it have on agriculture and consumers? What are the obstacles to […]
21 September 2023

Global Opinion on Climate Change

For nearly fifteen years, EDF and Ipsos have been polling public opinion around thirty countries on climate change perceptions: are people worried? Do they consider […]
21 September 2023

Green Consumerism: Between Ambition and Action

Calls for eco-citizenship and commitment to the energy transition are everywhere. The idea seems obvious: by transforming our individual consumption practices, our modes of transport […]
21 September 2023
a traffic Intersection in a modern subdivision by B Brown © 2003-2023 Shutterstock

European Cities: Governing the Transition to Sustainable and Decarbonised Mobility

by Charlotte Halpern  The European Union (EU) has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, requiring a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation […]
8 July 2021

Evaluating Environmental Policies

A New Research Area Interest in the results of public policies is growing among public institutions and civil society, while the environmental crisis is gaining […]
3 July 2020

Pesticides. How to Ignore What We Know

by Jean-Noël Jouzel, CSO* Jean-Noël Jouzel, a CNRS researcher at the Center for the sociology of organisations (CSO), focuses on controversies related to health issues. […]
3 July 2020

Pollution Sensors: A Tool for Collaboration Between Citizens and Public Authorities?

By Sylvain Parasie, médialab* Some environmental activists and scientists have described the current boom in digital air pollution sensors as a “changing paradigm”(1)Snyder, E. G., […]
3 July 2020

The Littoral: A Historical Investigation in the Anthropocene Epoch

The Coastal Environment: a Forgotten Player by Giacomo Parrinello, Center for History* Coastal zones today are home to more than half of the world’s population(1)Christopher […]