3 July 2020

Pesticides. How to Ignore What We Know

by Jean-Noël Jouzel, CSO* Jean-Noël Jouzel, a CNRS researcher at the Center for the sociology of organisations (CSO), focuses on controversies related to health issues. […]
3 July 2020

Pollution Sensors: A Tool for Collaboration Between Citizens and Public Authorities?

By Sylvain Parasie, médialab* Some environmental activists and scientists have described the current boom in digital air pollution sensors as a “changing paradigm”(1)Snyder, E. G., […]
3 July 2020

The Littoral: A Historical Investigation in the Anthropocene Epoch

The Coastal Environment: a Forgotten Player by Giacomo Parrinello, Center for History* Coastal zones today are home to more than half of the world’s population(1)Christopher […]
3 July 2020

Small Island States Facing Climate Change

Interview with Carola Kloeck and Michael Fink * Because of climate change, the inhabitants of some small islands may see their lives change radically Why […]
20 November 2018

Consume less, consume better:what can consumers do?

by Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, CNRS Research Director at the Science Po Centre for the Sociology of Organizations Have consumers become the new arbiters of economic relations? […]
29 October 2018

Researchers and research engineers working on environmental issues

Diégo Antolinos-Basso, research engineer at medialab and CEVIPOF Data collection and analysis, Politics of the Earth François Bafoil, CNRS research director at CERI Energy policies […]
25 October 2018

Frugal city: a 3rd way between “business as usual” and decline?

By Charlotte Halpern FNSP research fellow at the Center for European studies and comparative policy* Green, sustainable, compact, frugal, resilient, and intelligent cities… In all […]
11 October 2018

Pesticides and human health: between toxicology and epidemiology

by Jean-Noël Jouzel CNRS research fellow at the Centre for the Sociology of Organizations   France is currently one of the leading global users of […]
9 October 2018

Environmental policymaking: the case of China

by Richard Balme researcher at the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics The environment tested by globalization One of the most negative images associated […]