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Inès Watrin, Wealth Management Associate, Hexagone Capital

   Inès Watrin

Coming from France, Inès Watrin has graduated in International Security, Dual Degree with Peking University in China

What are your main responsibilites? 

I work as a Wealth Management Associate for Hexagone Capital, a French finance company in Shanghai. The company also has offices in Dubai, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, and Paris, catering to expatriates and international clients. My main responsibilities include providing personalized financial advice and wealth management solutions to clients. I assist them in making informed decisions about investments, retirement planning, estate management, and other financial matters. Building strong relationships with clients and understanding their unique financial goals are central to my role. 

How did you prepare for this job?

I was fortunate to have this opportunity through a head-hunter who approached me on LinkedIn. The selection process involved four steps, including a sales pitch, where I showcased my ability to communicate effectively and understand clients' needs. My dual degree master's from Sciences Po and Peking University served as evidence of my academic excellence and cross-cultural adaptability, while also strengthening my English skills, which ultimately played a vital role in securing this role.

What is the most fascinating part of your job?

The most surprising aspect of my role as a Wealth Management Associate is delving into a subject I had never formally studied in school—finance and wealth management. It's been a fascinating journey to learn and understand the intricacies of the financial world, and I find the challenge of mastering new concepts and skills truly invigorating. Besides, being able to engage with a broad spectrum of people, some being reluctant to engage with financial matters, is a compelling challenge that fosters me to improve every day at what I know and do.

How did your PSIA experience contribute to the position you hold today?

The program's emphasis on curiosity, openness to other cultures, and a thirst for learning has been invaluable in preparing me for the cross-cultural environment I now work in, particularly in China. Furthermore, my time at PSIA has honed my socialization and interpersonal skills, which are vital for establishing strong connections with clients and understanding their financial aspirations. Beyond the academic benefits, PSIA has provided me with a robust network of professionals and alumni in both Shanghai and Beijing. The Sciences Po network has proven to be an invaluable resource, enabling me to connect with individuals who greatly helped me in settling into my new position and navigating the unique challenges that China offers.

What advice would you give to current students?

For those embarking on their professional journey, my advice would be to embrace curiosity, openness to others, and an eagerness to discover new areas of expertise. Go for opportunities that may lead you into uncharted territories, as it is often in these new experiences that you'll find unexpected and rewarding paths. Leverage your academic background, engage with people from all walks of life, and keep your eyes open for the chance to apply your skills and knowledge in diverse and exciting roles!