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Gabriela, Senior Consultant in Crisis and Resilience and Curator with Deloitte



Coming from the USA, Gabriela has graduated in International Security, concentrating in Diplomacy and the Middle East. She currently is a Senior Consultant in Crisis and Resilience and Curator with Deloitte Switzerland. In addition, she is the founder and director of the art gallery “Galerie Billini”. 

What are your main responsibilities?

At Deloitte, I work with clients across multiple sectors to help render their organisations and their operations more resilient. This means identifying gaps in their structures and working with them to find solutions that will help them ensure business continuity, but especially their critical services. We also prepare and deliver crisis exercises that help test the existing crisis and resilience structure, then provide improvement measures and suggestions to further support them in facing crises. As Curator, I organised Deloitte’s first art exhibition and now manage artistic projects the organisation wishes to execute. 

With the Gallery, I wear most of the hats since we’ve just launched at the start of 2024. My mission with the gallery is to make art more accessible to those who are inspired by it and the culture that surrounds us. Many visit galleries and engage with art, but shy away from acquiring it and beginning their collections, their legacy. I aim to help new collectors identify what they love by accompanying them, as well as presenting them with emerging artists I strongly believe in.

How did you prepare for this job?

I found Deloitte’s job offer on their website - not very inventive! However, I did reach out to my network to find someone already working with the company to express my interest, understand the organisation and learn how best to position myself before hitting send on my application. 

What is the most fascinating part of your job?

The most fascinating and exciting part of the job is being able to peer into multiple companies to see how each of their cultures and operations vary to achieve the same goal (be resilient in the face of crisis). This is a critical learning tool because as a consultant it’s all about finding adapted and creative solutions. Encountering such variety helps one look beyond and seek different answers.

 How did your PSIA experience contribute to the position you hold today?

In my previous role at Crisis24, I was able to apply a great number of skills that I picked up through my Sciences Po coursework, as I worked in risk analysis and security operations. I often found myself referencing the Military and Security Sector in the Arab World (59311), Anthropology and the various diplomacy courses I took.  

After graduating, I thought my third-semester internship only taught me what I did not like. However, I realize now that it also offered me the wisdom to weave the aspects of culture and society into my professional projects. That is something I have been able to do at Deloitte - for which I am grateful - and in pursuing my own project. 

What advice would you give to current students?

Since careers are a marathon and we are likely to be in the labour market 40+ years, make sure you love and believe in what you do, and adapt as needed. The market is changing and cross-disciplinary profiles are increasingly interesting to recruiters. You only have yourself to answer when evaluating your professional fulfilment and success.