Fang Lan

Master: Human Rights and Humanitarian Action

Concentrations: Chinese and East Asian Studies, Human Rights

The place(s) I call home

Beijing, China

Prior to PSIA I was

A journalist of public policy in Caixin Media, China.

My life at PSIA

I chose my program because I want to change my career path from a journalist to an NGOer. And I believe my program of Human Rights and Humanitarian Actions can give me academic and methodological support to achieve my goal.

My objectives

I’m dreaming to establish an NGO working on civic education and civic engagement in China. Human rights would be an important dimension of my future work.

My best tips

For me, studying in PSIA is a precious chance to enjoy the time being a student again. I’m so glad to find a quiet desk at the heart of Paris without any disturbances. Having a clear goal is the best motivation for me to study hard.

My life outside PSIA

What do you like best about Paris:
Those fantastic museums and diversified cultural activities attract me most in Paris.

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