Alexis Hontang

Master: Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs

Concentrations: Chinese and East Asian Studies

The place(s) I call home


Prior to PSIA I was

an undergraduate at Sciences Po. After two years in Le Havre, I spend a year in Japan, at Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo). 

My life at PSIA

I chose my program because I always wanted to become a journalist. In the meantime, I wanted to deepen my knowledge on economics, history, etc. The dual-degree Journalism and International Affairs provides the basics to start working as a journalist and the intellectual background to understand what is going on on this planet. It also puts a stress on foreign languages. This point was very important to me, as speaking other languages than French and English is a key to success in journalism.   

What has been your most meaningful/fulfilling experience at PSIA? I have been to several inspiring conferences at Sciences Po. Listening to Ban Ki-Moon was a terrific experience. I have learnt a lot on that day.    

My objectives

Be fulfilled as a journalist.

My best tips

My most inspiring class so far has been: The Korean and Japanese classes were great. Classes were small, so the professor could give us a personal feedback. The atmosphere between students was nice too. As I was a beginner, I had 4 hours a week of Korean. Time was flying so fast! My key to success at PSIA: Work!

My life outside PSIA

Recent “study breaks” include: Trips around France

What do you like best about Paris: The city is beautiful. The parks, the Seine River, the monuments… It is always to pleasure to be in Paris. 

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