Equal Opportunity Programme (EOP)

18th class of students from EOP with their sponsor Virginie Morgon, Nathalie Jacquet and Frédéric Mion ©Thomas Arrivé / Sciences Po

The most talented and deserving students must have access to higher education, regardless of their family, social and cultural background. That’s the goal of the Equal Opportunity programme (EOP), launched nearly 20 years ago to expand possibilities for young people who may otherwise miss out on higher education. The flagship programme in our diversity and equity policy is constantly adapted to widen its reach and support students better.


In the early 2000s, Sciences Po took note of the inadequate level of social and cultural inclusion among France’s selective higher education institutions. This social barrier stems from insufficient financial means, a lack of information, the social bias inherent in the nature of admission exams, and a considerable degree of self-censorship.

In 2001, Sciences Po launched the Equal Opportunity programme to diversify its student body. The programme offers a selective admissions path for students from priority education secondary schools. Today, this revolutionary scheme remains unique in terms of scale and effectiveness.

The Equal Opportunity programme is a pillar of Sciences Po’s diversity and equity strategy and ensures our student body is rich in geographical, academic and social diversity.

Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po

15  cohorts have graduated so far

166 admitted in 2020

106 partner high schools throughout France

3/4 of those admitted are scholarship students

2 151 students admitted through this procedure since 2001

15 partner companies


106 high schools throughout France, including the Overseas Territories, take part in the pre-selection of candidates.

Workshops in high schools to prepare for the Sciences Po entrance exam

Students compile a press review on a current affair of their choice, including an executive summary and a brief essay.

Visits to Sciences Po

Visits take place on our seven campuses from October to April. The Reims and Paris campuses also invite students to attend certain classes or lectures.


Scholarships and tuition fee waivers

Scholarship students from the Equal Opportunity programme receive a supplementary grant amounting to 75% of the government scholarship. They also benefit from a full tuition fee waiver.

The Booster scheme

This introductory programme helps participants who would like extra academic support to get accustomed to Sciences Po’s courses and teaching methods. It consists in an intensive week of courses held on the Reims campus.

“Passport for English” module

Students can also take advantage of an intensive two-week language course based on an innovative mix of small group classes and an e-learning platform.


First year students who so wish are offered the support of a graduate student tutor.


Mentors are employees from our partner companies who work with students, offering advice and helping them grasp the subtle in and outs of the professional world, build their network and develop their self-esteem.



Students admitted through the Equal Opportunity procedure have very similar employability outcomes to those of students recruited through other admission procedures. 81% are employed less than three months after graduation, in sectors ranging from banking and consulting to the public sector, the media, and many more.

A new dynamic at partner high schools

The benefits noted by partner high schools include a decrease in absenteeism, improved baccalauréat results and a significant rise in student ambition.

Diversification of the Sciences Po student body

Equal Opportunity students add to the wealth of the Sciences Po community, which includes 26% scholarship students.

Sciences Po has managed to make an idea that once seemed crazy irreversible. The Equal Opportunity programme is already 18 years old. Yet every year and with every cohort, it proves its modernity and utility.

Virginie Morgon, CEO of Eurazeo and sponsor of the 18th cohort

Become a partner

Strengthen your image and social commitment:

Take action on issues of social responsibility

Meet the students who benefit from the programmes

Meet the faculty coordinating the programmes

Become a mentor to a student admitted through the Equal Opportunity procedure

Have your name appear on communication materials

You can also sponsor an Equal Opportunity programme cohort and benefit from a customised series of activities.

Funding requirement €1.7M per year

We would like to thank the individual donors who support this programme, as well as our corporate sponsors and partners :


Premier Campus

The latest addition to our social responsibility strategy, this experimental programme supports around 100 scholarship high school students. The goal? To help these students prepare for the transition to higher education and give them the confidence to aim high.


Every year, Sciences Po takes in a class of asylum-seeking and refugee students. To further our engagement, in 2018 we launched the Professional Certificate for Young Refugees, which enables participants to acquire skills suited to the French job market and improve their employability.