Equal Opportunity Programme (EOP)

18th class of students from EOP with their sponsor Virginie Morgon, Nathalie Jacquet and Frédéric Mion ©Thomas Arrivé / Sciences Po

The Equal Opportunity programme (EOP) is at the heart of our diversity and equity policy. This flagship social outreach programme, unique in France for its scope and ambition, is intended to benefit deserving students from partner high schools.

The EOP is 20 years old

A pioneering programme

At the beginning of the 2000s, Sciences Po decided to proactively tackle the inadequate levels of social and cultural inclusion at France’s selective higher education institutions. The EOP was created to diversify the student body at Sciences Po and expand possibilities for young people who may otherwise miss out on higher education. This revolutionary scheme is based on the provision of a complete set of support measures from high school through to graduation, with the aim of offering every deserving student the same opportunities to build an academic pathway of excellence. 

Sciences Po has managed to make an idea that once seemed crazy irreversible. The Equal Opportunity programme is already 20 years old, yet every year and with every cohort it proves its modernity and utility.

Virginie Morgon, CEO of Eurazeo and sponsor of the 18th cohort in 2018

2,428  students enrolled via the EOP 

81% of graduates are employed within three months of graduation

14,000 students in partner high schools have taken part in the academic support workshops

166 partner high schools throughout France

An individual and collective impact

Successful professional integration

Students admitted through the EOP have very similar employment outcomes to students recruited through other admission procedures: media, banking, public administration, consulting, HR, etc. By achieving their potential in a variety of sectors, these talented students have become influential players in today’s world.

An asset for Sciences Po and its students 

The diversity of perspectives and profiles that the EOP scheme creates is an asset for all Sciences Po students. This readiness to undertake a demanding education prepares students for managing complexity and occupying leading positions in public administration or business. The social and geographical inclusion represented by EOP students is both valuable for the vitality of our student community and necessary for the pursuit of excellence.

A new dynamic in the partner high schools

Thanks to the preparatory workshops organised in the partner high schools, thousands of students have expanded their horizons to include educational opportunities they had never previously considered, illustrating the multiplier effect of the scheme. Partner high schools have seen a decrease in absenteeism, a general improvement in baccalaureate results, and a significant increase in students’ levels of ambition: although admission to Sciences Po only concerns a few individuals, the emulation effect observed in the partner high schools benefits all students.

2021: the EOP is scaling up

The programme is setting new goals in 2021, building on 20 years of experience to strengthen its social and geographical impact, while keeping true to its tradition of innovation. 

Increasing the proportion of scholarship students from EOP programmes to 15%

Science Po’s target of reserving 15% of each annual intake for scholarship students from partner high schools is set with the aim of strengthening the scheme and reinforcing its activity in favour of the social and geographical diversity of the student body.

Expanding throughout France

By 2023, the number of high schools participating in the programme will have doubled to 200. Sciences Po is increasing its coverage throughout France by working with new partner high schools in rural areas, deindustrialised zones and overseas territories, whose young people are under-represented in selective higher education. From 2021, the EOP will be extended to include 10 new local education authorities, bringing the total number of local education authorities to 28 out of 30.

Preparing for higher education beyond Sciences Po

The academic support workshops held at the partner high schools have a twofold objective: to prepare students for admission to Sciences Po, and, more broadly, to provide them with the keys to success in higher education. They draw on the lessons learned from the experimental Premier Campus programme to help students raise their level of ambition through a programme of support focused on cross-curricular skills and geared towards overcoming self-censorship.


This proactive approach is in addition to the impressive support package provided to students once they are admitted to Sciences Po: 

Scholarships and social assistance

Our scholarship students benefit from a full tuition fee waiver. As part of our overall social assistance policy, scholarship students from the EOP receive a supplementary grant amounting to 75% of the government scholarship. Thanks to this grant, a student with the highest scholarship level will receive a total of €993.80 per month instead of the €567.90 paid by the French State. This will allow the student to focus on their educational goals without having to undertake paid work during their studies. 

Students with scholarships may also receive financial assistance for accommodation and a book grant in the first year. In total, Sciences Po spends €11 million on scholarships and social assistance each year.

Academic support

Once admitted to Sciences Po, EOP students can attend two preparatory workshops:

Mentoring and tutoring

Individual mentoring is offered to students to support them during their studies, and to help them grasp the subtle ins and outs of the professional world, build their network and develop their self-esteem. 

Join us

Becoming an EOP partner means: 

  • Choosing to actively promote diversity by supporting an ambitious social outreach programme that is unique in France
  • Mobilising your employees around a meaningful partnership and a unifying project where employee involvement is central
  • Affirming your company’s social responsibility values to our students

Whether you are a company or an individual donor, we offer you the opportunity to bring your commitment to life by contributing to a variety of initiatives:

  • Mentoring students
  • Conducting career insight talks and workshops in high schools in rural, urban, and overseas areas
  • Organising careers-focused interactions and work ‘taster’ events with students
  • Organising a networking session
  • Participating in inspirational events
  • Sponsoring a year group

We would like to thank the individual donors who support this programme, as well as our corporate sponsors and partners :


Premier Campus

The latest addition to our social responsibility strategy, this experimental programme supports around 100 scholarship high school students. The goal? To help these students prepare for the transition to higher education and give them the confidence to aim high.


A programme created in 2018 to improve the employability of young refugees via the acquisition of professional skills.