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Sciences Po admits its students on the basis of excellence. Nevertheless, it is strongly committed to social responsibility by fostering the intellectual, geographical and social diversity of its student body. We intend to ensure that talented students from all backgrounds have access to Sciences Po through an ambitious scholarship scheme that removes financial barriers to higher education.

Students pass through the lobby of 27 rue Saint-Guillaume (credits: Marta Nascimento / Sciences Po)

3 Scholarship funds

Financial assistance – maintenance grants

To allow all students to focus freely on their studies, Sciences Po offers substantial financial aid to those who need it most.

French students and students from the European Economic Area who meet certain social criteria are eligible for CROUS bursaries granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research .On top, Sciences Po offers a financial aid supplement equivalent to 75% of the amount of the CROUS bursary.

However, foreign European nationals may only request this bursary from their second year of study in France. To compensate for the lack of financial aid in their first year, Sciences Po established the Europe Bursary. In addition to a full fee waiver, eligible students receive a substantial maintenance bursary.

Merit-based scholarships

Sciences Po is able to offer an incentive to the most brilliant and deserving students, thereby enhancing the institution’s attractiveness at the international level. Each year, It is thanks to a different merit-based scholarships, grouped under the Boutmy Fund, that our institution is able to attract an increasing number of talented people from all over the world who would not have access to a Sciences Po education without substantial financial support. Nearly 300 Emile Boutmy scholarships are distributed each year, thanks to the support of our generous benefactors. 

Mobility grants

The third year of the Sciences Po Undergraduate College programme is completed abroad at a partner university. Students may also choose to do an internship. The purpose of this grant fund is to help cover students’ mobility costs so that all students can benefit from an international experience under the best possible conditions.

Create a new scholarship bearing your name of the one of your company

You can create a specific scholarship that reflects your values, based on the criteria that you will establish with us. Establishing a scholarship involves providing support to our students over several years.

Examples of named scholarships

The René Seydoux Scholarship

Created in memory of René Seydoux, the scholarship enables students from Mediterranean region to study at Sciences Po.

The Michel David Weill scholarship 

This scholarship funds 2 years of masters at Sciences Po for a student from one of the top American universities. It embodies the values of Mr Michel David Weill, alumnus and former president of the bank Lazard : excellence, and leadership.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarshipes 

Launched in 2017, The Mastercard Foundation scholarships are intended for high school and undergraduate students from sub-Saharan Africa who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and strong leadership potential but face difficulties accessing higher education. They aim to support a new generation of change-makers in their home countries.

The partnership, initially valued 8,2 Mi dollars over the first 6 years, enabled 120 African students to join Sciences Po. The Mastercard Foundation renewed the partnership in 2023 for a period of 10 years, providing 400 scholars the opportunity to follow on of the best social science program in the world.


Key Figures

  • 35%

    of students pay zero tuition fees

  • 29%

    of students are CROUS scholars

  • 30%

    of scholars: our goal

  • 2,000

    recipients of the Émile Boutmy scholarship over the past 10 years


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