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International Students

Opening up to the territories that will forge the world of tomorrow is a major challenge for Sciences Po. With its exceptional multicultural community, which counts nearly 50% international students from 150 countries, a network of 480 partner universities, and more than 40 dual degree programs worldwide, Sciences Po is recognized as one of the top universities in the world for social sciences. Our ambition is to strengthen our links with university partners and expand access to our education for students from around the world.

Festivities as part of the Europe Africa program (credits: Paul Rentler / Sciences Po)

The african continent, a priority

The need to establish close ties with Africa has been evident for several years, given the continent’s rapid development and the increasing opportunities across various fields. 

Africa represents a huge pool of talented young students. Ensuring their education is crucial as they will be the future players in a word where Africa's influence is expanding. Sciences Po is committed to strengthening its scholarship fund dedicated to Sub-Saharan African students.

A clearly defined, innovative academic offer

The programs for and about Africa are focused on the key African challenges of the 21st century. 

A Bachelor's program dedicated to African challenges

Sciences Po is committed to students with the means to develop their skills and the tools needed to make a tangible impact on economic development and social inclusion.

  • Two years on Sciences Po's Reims campus, one year abroad
  •  Bilingual program (English-French), 150 students per year, with 40% coming from Africa

Several masters with several graduate schools at Sciences Po offer specialized course sets on Africa:

  • Africa Concentration at the School of International Affairs (PSIA).
  • "African Cities" track at the School of Urban Affairs.
  • Africa Specialization at the Doctoral School.
  • "Global African Studies" seminar developed in collaboration with the African Studies Center at Oxford and the Institute of African Studies at Columbia University.

Talented students 

Students coming from the African continent are among the most talented. They represent the future leaders to act in Africa, whether in national and international public service, business, non-governmental organizations, or the nonprofit sector. Thanks to a high-level education at Sciences Po and a specialization in African issues, they are fully ready to contribute to African development, implementing inclusive policies and promoting democratic values. Sciences Po can rely on the support of a dynamic and organized alumni network of more than 600 individuals.

Our ambitions for african continent

1/ Boost for the scholarship programmes

Sciences Po has developed scholarship programmes (at Bachelor’s and Master’s level) for talented students from the African continent from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Individual and corporate sponsors such as Mastercard Foundation, Mc >millan Foundation or support these programmes.

  • The partnership with the Mastercard Foundation has already supported 120 talented African students over six years.
  • The endowment established by the McMillan-Stewart Foundation in 2018 ensures the continued granting of scholarships to Sub-Saharan African students.

2/ Stepping up exchanges and cooperation 

Fifty students per year currently benefit from a university exchange between Sciences Po and African universities. Our goal is to double this number within 5 years. Mobility grants will be created to enable students in their 3rd year or on a gap year to study at the very best universities in Africa.

3/ Fostering the professional integration of our young graduates and promoting sciences po in Africa

In 2017, Sciences Po opened a representative office in Nairobi (Kenya). Thanks to this office, our goal is to raise awareness of our institution in Africa, create links with the Sciences Po communities in the region and develop projects with local universities.

Become a partner

The support of our partners is crucial to set up our ambitions on an international scale. 

By becoming a partner : 

  • You can benefit from privileged exchange moments with African scholarship students in Paris and Reims (Roundtable discussions, presentation of your business,  professional opportunities in Africa, etc.).
  • You enhance the visibility of your company in Africa.
  • You are invited to conferences organized by the Alliance Française/Campus France in Dakar or Nairobi, with Sciences Po graduate students in Africa and key economic and academic figures in the region.

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Key Figures

  • 850

    African students

  • 30

    partner universities

  • 40

    African nationalities represented

  • 30

    Master’s programmes with courses on Africa


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