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1, Saint-Thomas

In bringing our research and teaching activities together, the 1, Saint-Thomas site will foster a collaborative environment and promote interdisciplinarity. All members of the Sciences Po community—students, alumni, staff, faculty, public authorities and private partners—will be able to live the Sciences Po experience. This shared home base will highlight both the diversity of their activities and their complementary nature.

  • A 150,000 sq ft site.
  • A 10,700 sq ft library, 23 000 books available 
  • 3,200 sq ft dedicated to entrepreneurship and business incubation
  • A “learning garden” of nearly 10,700 sq ft
  • 150 doctoral student workstations
  • 5 spaces dedicated to Research

An exceptional heritage to develop and promote

The estate has seen four centuries of history since the Dominicans were established here in 1632. The coming renovations will seek to reveal the original structure and put all the past “lives” of the building on display by showcasing elements of great historical and heritage value. The authenticity of the facades will be preserved, the decor and gallery of the cloister restored, the landscaped areas corresponding to the kitchen garden and the cloister garth recreated, and the canons conserved to recall two centuries of military use.

Sciences Po, with project management assistance from JLL, selected the design project proposed by a team which combines architectural creativity and university design engineering :

  • Sogelym Dixence (developer – builder)
  • Agence Wilmotte & Associates (architects)
  • Agence Moreau Kusunoki (architects)
  • Cabinet Sasaki (architects)
  • Pierre Bortolussi (chief architect at Monuments Historiques)
  • Franck Boutté (sustainable development)
  • MUGO (landscape architects)
  • TO DO TODAY (digital)

A campus open to the city and ti the world

The site brings together: 

  • 7 graduate schools : The School of public affairs, The Paris School of International Affairs, The Law School, The urban school, The school of management and impact, The school of Journalism, The school of Research.
  • The Scientific Department and 9 of our research centers and cross-functional programs: CDSP, CEVIPOF, CEE, CHSP, CSO, LIEPP, medialab, MaxPo and OSC
  • The Institute for skills and innovation and The Innovation Pavilion welcoming Sciences Po Center for Entrepreneurship and McCourt Institute
  • The ‘Maison des Sciences Po, a meeting place for external and internal communities.

Naming at Sciences Po

In order to contribute to the transformation of Parisian campus 2030, Sciences Po offers to companies and individuals donors the opportunity to name a space at Saint Thomas campus or other campus sites.

From the large courtyards to the listed staircases, including the library or the rooms of the Innovation Pavilion, each space at 1, Saint-Thomas can be named in your name or that of a loved one as a private donor.

For companies and foundations, a thank you plaque is placed at the entrance to the room. The duration of the naming depends on the amount of the donation.

Cour René Seydoux

The René Seydoux courtyard (previously Sébastopol courtyard) now has the name of the man who served as Secretary General of the École libre des sciences politiques from 1928 and 1936. it hosts the areas dedicated for researchers, allowing them calm and light.

The design mixes a sober landscaping with benches created by Colombian artist Iván Argote that contain messages designed by students.

Jean-François et Nathalie Ducrest Coursive

Location of multiple events punctuating the life of the establishment, the west ‘coursive’ is also an integral part of a complex dedicated to study, research and calm.

Rachel Lambert Mellon Garden

The garden was named in honor of an American donor who was a supporter of the gardens of Georgetown University and of the White House in Washington DC. It now includes a hanging garden and a vegetable garden. The garden is organized in two levels. On its lower level, a semi-open path along the professional facilities of the School of Journalism.

The Great cour Gribeauval

The Cour Gribeauval is the center of the new campus and connects the communal spaces: the library, incubator, Innovation Pavilion, and cafeteria. It’s a dynamic space that people cross a thousand times a day and an exceptional setting for holding events.

McCourt Institute / Liberty’s institute 

The two upper floors of the Innovation Pavilion are named the McCourt Institute (now named Liberty’s Institute). The Pavilion runs an integrated ecosystem around entrepreneurship, digital technology and artificial intelligence.

The Charles and Violette Zaoui staircases

The majestic 18th century staircase was recently restored, revealing the stone ceiling and ornate balustrade.

André de Lattre Room

The classroom was named in honor of the great professor of economic policy who embodied Sciences Po excellence for 25 years.

Chalhoub group, Hermès, Panasonic Business, Rothschild&Co, Bressler Foundation and Christopher and Cécile Masek also have thank you plaques on the site.



Corporate partnerships
Sophie Salin
+33 1 45 49 55 10

Individual donors
Anne-Sophie Luby
+33 1 45 49 54 72

Foundations and organisations
Marie-Zénaïde Jolys 
+33 (0)1 45 49 83 71

Research projects
Catarina Sabbatini Clec'h
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US Sciences Po Foundation
Anne Scattolin
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Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust
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