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Sciences Po places accessibility at the heart of its equal opportunities policy. Openness requires increasing the integration, inclusion and participation of the members of our community with disabilities. To achieve this, we are developing our existing programmes and making our campuses disability accessible.

Recruitment salon, for employees for students studying in Sciences Po (credits: Claire-Lise Havet / Hans Lucas)

Sciences Po commitments

We must meet some ambitious disability policy objectives if we are to realise our desire for Sciences Po to be open to talent from all backgrounds, students and employees alike. The policy is divided into four main areas.

1- Supporting student careers & facilitating access to knowledge

From the entrance exam to professional integration (making a successful transition to the world of work), Sciences Po supports each disabled student individually by modifying courses of study, e.g. providing note-takers, readers or repeaters, or specially adapted equipment. Students can prepare for their classes using the range of accessible digital resources on offer, following courses online via e-classes, and using state-of-the-art telepresence robots. We are also in the process of making all our websites disability accessible. Students with a disability are also entitled to a tuition fee waiver and mobility grants for the third year abroad.

“Without the telepresence robots offered at Sciences Po, I would never have been able to take my own notes, attend classes and form my own intellectual opinions. They freed me from having to go through an intermediary.”

Nicolas, student at the Doctoral School

2- Innovating to make our teaching methods more inclusive

Using the research we’ve carried out at Sciences Po, we’ve created fact sheets and video tutorials to help teachers compensate for the constraints of both visible and invisible disabilities. Our research also focuses on learning strategies, assessments, stress management and the classroom of the future, for which we created a prototype in early 2018.

3- Ensure the accessibility of our sites

Sciences Po is striving to make all its spaces accessible in accordance with its legal obligations. The work already carried out on the Paris campus includes the renovation of the lift to make the cafeteria and lecture theatres accessible; the creation of 2 accessible dining areas; the installation of magnetic loops in the lecture theatres. We are also continuing to equip classrooms and install accessible signage.

As for our websites, applications and office documents, they are accessible in line with official French digital accessibility standards (Référentiel Général d’Accessibilité des Administrations or RGAA). 

4- Support professional integration

The carrer service departmeent supports students and helps students to create connections with partner companies throughout their academic journey.

By becoming a partner, you will benefit from :

  • Visibility of your brand on all communication materials related to the programme, as well as invitations to special events. 
  • Actions that meet your obligations in relation to the employment of disabled workers (OETH)
  • An enhanced reputation as a responsible employer
  • An exclusive access to students with disabilities
    • Internships: Sciences Po carrers promotes intership and job opportunities from partner companies to students with disabilities
    • Mentorship: Student can be can receive a guidance from an employee of a partner company in building their professional project.
    • Duo Day: as part of this national event, companies can host a student with disability for a day of immersion aimed to discover a profession.
    • Sciences Po Forum: Partners come together at Sciences Po for a half-day event to meet students with disabilities.

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Key Figures

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