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Campus 2030

A redesigned campus district

Campus 2022 rethinks all of Sciences Po’s sites in Paris, with different educational functions depending on students’ study path.

Map of the Sciences Po campus in Paris (credits: Sciences Po)

Saint-Germain North

1, Saint-Thomas and 13 rue de l’Université is the home to the graduate schools, research,  the Institute for Skills and Innovation and the McCourt Institute (Project’s liberty), and the health facility.

28 rue des Saints-Pères welcome Executive Education, research centers, administrative services, and some instructional spaces.

Saint-Germain South

The iconic address, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, houses the large lecture halls where events take place, a library, and classrooms.

56 rue des Saints-Pères brings together the student life services.

30 rue Saint-Guillaume is dedicated to student engagement and associative life.

9 rue de la Chaise hosts the activities of Sciences Po Careers and International Affairs.

Funding requirements to continue the campus transformation

30 rue Saint-Guillaume : The former library is becoming a sustainable development hub. 

The building is currently being converted for new uses :

  • A 180 m2 space on the ground floor dedicated to student organisations and engagement, with:
    • A dedicated space for permanent association "Sciences Po Environnement."
    • A student-run cafeteria - "Association PAVéS."
    • Common areas for socializing.
    • A "resource center" managed by Sciences Po Environnement for lending objects.
  • On the upper floors: teaching and learning areas with classrooms and project rooms for student use.
  • A garden.

The goal is to turn this space into a third place : a welcoming social space where students can meet and connect with each other. The building will also serve as a transitional space where students can come and go between their classes, whether they need time for resting, sharing, discussing or dining.

We invite companies, foundations, and individual donors to support this initiative through a donation, which will give you the possibility to :

  • have your company (logo/name) feature on a donor recognition plaque at the location.
  • develop projects and organize events in collaboration with student organizations
  • privatize the premises for your events (ground floor, garden, basement) 

56 rue des Saints-Pères : The prestigious hôtel particulier becomes a central hub for student engagement at Sciences Po.

The project to refurbish the Hôtel de la Meilleraye is a key part of the Campus 2030 Plan and will support Sciences Po’s strategic ambitions in terms of attractiveness and student life. In concrete terms, the site will include the following new facilities:

  • 18 fully refurbished classrooms equipped for educational innovation, with state-of-the-art digital and videoconferencing equipment (to support the development of Civica European University projects in particular)
  • Project spaces and active learning projects run by Sciences Po entities (e.g. the Urban School team projects, the School of Public Affairs public policy incubator projects).
  • Interview booths to encourage pedagogical interaction between students and instructors (e.g. tutoring, mentoring, etc.).
  • The communal areas (cafeteria) modeled on third places will be complementary sites of educational interaction and community building.
  • A student engagement hub and a student life center (public interest workshop, solidarity grocery store, engagement cooperative).

The 56 Saints-Pères Street site has traditionally been an important location for student and university life at Sciences Po, hosting student union offices and meetings of the Institute Council and the Student Life and Education Council (CVEF).

The ongoing renovation program will bring several significant improvements in terms of sustainability. As part of this heritage restoration operation, Sciences Po aims for “Effinergie - Patrimoine” certification.

We invite companies, foundations and individual donors to support the site in return for naming rights for rooms or communal areas. 



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