25 November 2020

Launch of the Chair for Sustainable Development

© Anton Balazh/Shutterstock

On 25 November 2020, Sciences Po launched its European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition. The inaugural conference gathered experts from around the world and key environmental policy-makers. 

Watch the inaugural conference : panel 1 (Europe’s Role in the World to Advance Climate Neutrality) – panel 2 (Territorial Inclusion for a Stronger Resilient Europe)

This new transdisciplinary Chair, built in alignment with the European Green Deal which prioritizes sustainable development for Europe focusing on climate neutrality, centers on the need for multilateral consensus and the close intertwining of environmental, social and economic policies. 

This is the first Sciences Po Chair affiliated to two of the university’s Graduate Schools. Co-hosted by the School of Public Affairs and the Paris School of International Affairs, the Chair is directed by Dr. Shiv Someshwar, a specialist in environmental issues. Someshwar is Professor at Sciences Po and a visiting professor at Columbia University. 

The Chair is endorsed by three corporate sponsors:

  • The European Investment Bank, the EU’s climate bank owned by member states. Within the EIB Group, the EIB Institute’s missions include support for higher education and research. Sciences Po’s Sustainable Development and Climate Transition Chair is the second initiative in this field that the Institute has supported, along with the creation of an EIB Climate Chair at the European University Institute in Florence.
  • Hermès, the independent luxury brand established in 1837, a company guided by the artisan values of responsibility, authenticity and the long-term. Hermès puts human beings at the heart of its business model, through the training and transmission of craftsmanship that form a founding feature of the company. Its existing partnership with Sciences Po will be strengthened by the Chair, particularly with regards to issues of territorial inclusion.
  • HSBC, one of Sciences Po’s long-standing partners. The HSBC Foundation for Education has supported the university’s equal opportunity programmes since 2005. Fully integrated within the global strategy of the HSBC Group, HSBC France works locally to advance its firm commitment to transition towards a prosperous, low-carbon economy.

We are deeply grateful to the Chair’s sponsors for their support and their contribution to this project.

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