Open, unite, transform. Sciences Po launches its 150th anniversary campaign

  • Artillerie and view over Paris's rooftops © Sogelym DixenceArtillerie and view over Paris's rooftops © Sogelym Dixence

Directed at individuals and companies both in France and internationally, the 150th anniversary campaign aims to assist Sciences Po in its ambition to reinvent itself for future generations.

The campaign will run until 2022, coinciding with Sciences Po’s 150th anniversary and the inauguration of the new Parisian campus at the historic site of the Artillerie.

At its annual Gala Dinner, Sciences Po announced its ambition of raising 100 million euros between now and 2022, the greatest fundraising campaign in the university’s history. A first phase has already drawn 47 million euros from businesses and donors since 2015 (39 million collected and 8 million pledged). The Sciences Po 2022 campaign will come to a close at the end of four years, in time for the inauguration of the Artillerie site and Sciences Po’s 150th anniversary.

Funds collected through the campaign will enable Sciences Po to project itself into a new 150-year plan, founded on its belief in excellence and innovation, and aiming to affirm its status as one of the finest universities worldwide in the field of the social sciences. As such, the project is faithful to the principles articulated by Sciences Po’s founder Émile Boutmy, who pledged that the school would “shape free minds, capable of understanding the world in order to transform it”.

A bid to transform the face of Sciences Po

The Sciences Po 2022 campaign, or the 150th Anniversary Campaign, will finance a huge number of projects organised around five strategic axes:

  • The building of a new urban campus on the historic site of the Artillerie: this new iconic site, which is to be both sustainable and fully accessible, will gather together researchers and students in innovative spaces at the heart of the city, providing the setting for a new and reinvented Sciences Po.
  • Reaffirming Sciences Po’s commitment to welcoming the most diverse talents: funds raised will help Sciences Po continue to develop its policy of equal opportunity, first begun over 15 years ago with the widening of the university’s access to audiences previously excluded from it (high school students from disadvantaged areas of France, disabled students, and refugees). Today more than 30% of Sciences Po students benefit from financial aid. The institution is also firmly engaged in issues of gender equality, implementing initiatives such as a recently appointed Women in Business Chair.
  • Broadening the field of disciplines at Sciences Po by linking our expertise in the humanities and social sciences to the study of life sciences and hard science, so as to provide a comprehensive understanding of the most complex questions facing the contemporary world. New teaching programmes are to be created in partnership with other leading institutions across all scientific domains, as well as new research and teaching chairs. 
  • Expanding Sciences Po’s global presence, with a focus on Africa, particularly through the provision of an ambitious programme of academic scholarships and mobility grants. Further plans to develop additional strategic partnerships with leading universities and new dual degrees are in process.
  • Educating a responsible generation, via a multiplicity of engagement opportunities, such as the Civic Learning Programme, launched in April 2018, which makes commitment to a civic or charitable initiative a compulsory component of the Bachelor’s degree.