Discriminations and Category-Based Policies Research Group

Research on discrimination has experienced a particular boom in France since the early 2000s. Empirical work attests to the extent and mechanisms of production of inequalities linked to gender, origin, religion, skin colour, sexual orientation, disability, etc., in different contexts of social interaction: labour market, housing market, family, school, administration, police, justice, etc. 

Public policy is not neutral in the face of this phenomenon. In addition to the effects induced by public policies in the areas listed above, category-based policies explicitly targeting certain populations (women, ethnoracial minorities, migrants, persons with disabilities, etc.) help to alleviate or, on the contrary, accentuate the discriminations suffered by these populations.

LIEPP's "Discrimination and category-based policies" section is devoted to these issues and contributes to the public debate through an interdisciplinary research approach by assessing the extent and evolution of discrimination in France and analysing the challenges it poses to public policy. It combines research on the measurement of discrimination, on the experience of discrimination, and on (anti-)discriminatory policies. This strand brings together bodies of work on types of inequality and category-based policies that are usually studied separately:

  • Gender 
  • Migration and policies towards migrants with the IPM
  • Disability and health inequalities 
  • Ethno-racial inequalities.

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Associated research projects

Ongoing projects

Colloque international -Des politiques sociales égalitaires ? Des principes à la réalité de l'exercice professionnel (2020) 

Access to Abortion and Telemedicine Abortion in France: A mixed-method study on why individuals resort to telemedical abortion over local abortion services in France (2020) 

Différences de genre dans les aspirations professionnelles des étudiantes et des étudiants (2017)

The role of workplaces in hiring discrimination in France : evidence from a large-scale correspondence study (2017)

Evaluation d'impact sur la diversité des recrutements des formations "Recruter sans discriminer" (2018)

Chaire pour l’entrepreneuriat des femmes - volet recherche (2018)

Groupe international d'experts sur les migrations (GIEM) (2018)

Les effets des quotas de genre (2019)  

Finished projects

Discrimination positive à la française (2014)

Discrimination raciale et mobilité internationale du travail (2014)

La réception des politiques du handicap : une approche qualitative (2014)

Sources de discrimination et économie collaborative (2015)

Disability and Work (2017)


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