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Research Group: Educational Policies

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Presentation of the Educational Policies Research Group

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The research group is interested in the mechanisms of formation and reproduction of inequalities in the school system, as well as the effectiveness of policies and public policy schemes aimed at reducing these inequalities. This research adopts an interdisciplinary perspective (sociology, economics and psychology) and combines quantitative, experimental and qualitative methods around the same research object.

The research group is structured around three main areas:

Learning and socio-behavioural skills

The aim is to analyse social inequalities in the learning process through the prism of socio-behavioural skills (e.g. socio-emotional skills such as self-esteem and motivation of pupils, metacognitive skills). The objective is to study the impact of educational policies and devices aimed at developing these skills in order to promote learning and reduce social inequalities.

Orientation and social mobility in educational pathways

As part of the reproduction of social inequalities, the orientation pathways in secondary and higher education are examined from the point of view of the relationship between aspirations, perceptions of opportunities and investment in schooling by parents and children; the link between social justice and the process of assigning teachers and pupils to schools; and finally, the public policy schemes for social inclusion in higher education.

Social diversity and peer effects

By studying spatial, residential and school segregation in greater depth, the research group seeks not only to account for possible peer and school effects, but also to evaluate the impact of desegregation and urban renewal policies. 

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Seminars of the research group

The Educational Policies research group organizes seminars open to all, presenting research work on various topics related to its research themes.

Find out more about the Educational Policies Seminars.

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Associated Research Projects

Ongoing projects

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Publications of the Research group