Colloque international - Des politiques sociales égalitaires ? Des principes à la réalité de l'exercice professionnel

Project holders:

Organization committee: 

  • Véronique BAYER (IRFASE et IRIS, EHESS) 
  • Isabelle COURCY (UQAM) 
  • Clémence HELFTER (CNAF) 
  • Véréna KELLER (HETSL) 
  • Hélène MARTIN (HE TSL) 
  • Marianne MODAK (HE TSL) 
  • Marie NENGEH MENSAH (UQAM, École de travail social)
  • Arthur VUATTOUX (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord et IRIS, EHESS) 

Project description : 

Since 2015, researchers from various universities and colleges throughout the French-speaking world have come together to initiate a series of seminars on the theme of "gender and social work". Two seasons have already taken place and allow an international network on these issues to function. The third edition aims to deepen the question of the effects of so-called egalitarian social policies, which seek to counteract gender inequalities. The aim here is to question the concrete processes that, in the professional practice of social work, lead to differentiated treatments that (re)produce gender discrimination. The contributions will focus on the forms of social intervention; they may deal with aspects of essentialization inherent to certain social policy mechanisms, on the daily or routine mechanisms of reproduction of gendered representations or on the discrimination induced by certain practices in the implementation of social policies. The presentations will be able to study various social policies in diverse social, historical and geographical contexts.

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Poster of the project - June 2021 

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