Affiliated professors

What is an affiliated professor ?

This title is attributed for duration determined to teachers, academics or not, of a high academic or professional skill, who make a significant contribution to the educational missions of the concerned entity and/or to the radiation of its activity.

The Urban School has at the moment 2 affiliated professors.

Jean-Marc Offner

Jean-Marc Offner ©Fabien CottereauJean-Marc OFFNER, urbanist, is managing director of the a-urba (agency of town planning Bordeaux metropolis Aquitaine) since 2009. At first researcher at the Research institute of Transport, he managed the Laboratory Technologies-Territories-Companies (Latts) from 2000 till 2008, the Department Planning-Transport-Environment of the École des Ponts from 1996 till 2000 and the Network Research association of the CNRS(National Center for Scientific Research) from 1993 till 2000.

He taught at the French national school of civil engineering, at Sciences Po Paris and in the institutes of town planning. There is or were a member of editorial committees of Espaces et Sociétés, Flux, Métropolis and Urbanism. He manages the Cahiers de la Métropole Bordelaise and participates in the orientation committee of the Forum Mobile Lives. Finally, he chairs the strategic council of the Urban School as well as that of the research program POPSU (Observation platform of the projects and the urban strategies).

His main themes for reflection and of study concern the local public action and the metropolitan governance, the role of the expertise in the processes of decision, the socioeconomics of the technical networks and the urban services, the relations between politics of travels and territorial transfers, the innovations for the planning and the sustainable mobility, the procedures of planning, the metropolitan dynamics.

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