Joost de Moor

Assistant Professor in Political Science

Joost de Moor is an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Sciences Po’s Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE). He obtained his PhD in Social Sciences: Political Science from the University of Antwerp in 2016. Before joining the CEE in October 2021, he worked as a postdoc at Keele University and the Center for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (2016-2018), at Stockholm University’s political science department and the Environmental Research in the Human Sciences initiative (2018-2021), and at Leiden University’s Global Transformation and Governance Challenges programme (2021). He was a visiting scholar at the University of Mannheim (2015).

Joost de Moor’s research and teaching cover environmental politics, social movements, and political participation, using quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods as well as comparative and case-study designs. A key focus of his work is on the way in which environmental activists across European countries (including Sweden, the UK and Belgium) navigate strategic dilemmas, such as: How can environmental movements be independent global actors that are able to address global problems like climate change? How can activists combine strategies that are focused on promoting sustainable alternatives and those that are focused on resisting unsustainability and environmental injustices? And how do climate movements respond to an increasing sense that major climate disruptions might no longer be preventable?

Joost de Moor has been a member of the steering committee of ECPR’s standing group on Participation and Mobilization since 2013, and he has been an associate editor of the open access journal PRX since its establishment in 2018. He is involved in the project The necessary and the possible: How social movements articulate, convey and negotiate visions of a fossil free and just future (funded by FORMAS).

Recent selected publications

de Moor, J. (2021) Postapocalyptic narratives in the climate movement: Their place and impact in five European cities. Environmental Politics

de Moor, J., M. De Vydt, K. Uba & M. Wahlström. (2021). New kids on the block: taking stock of the recent cycle of climate activism. Social Movement Studies 20(5), 619-625

de Moor, J., P. Catney & B. Doherty. (2021). What hampers ‘political’ action in environmental alternative action organizations? Exploring the scope for strategic agency under post-political        conditions. Social Movement Studies 20(3), 312-328

Theocharis, Y., J. de Moor & J. W. van Deth (2021). Digitally Networked Participation and Lifestyle Politics as New Modes of Political Participation. Policy & Internet 13(1), pp. 30-53.

de Moor, J. & S. Verhaegen. (2020). Gateway or Getaway? A longitudinal analysis of the link between lifestyle politics and other forms of political participation. European Political Science Review 12(1), 91-111.

de Moor, J. (2020). Alternative Globalities? Climatization processes and the climate movement beyond COPs. International Politics 58, 582-599.

de Moor, J. (2020). Alternatives to resistance? Comparing depoliticization between two British environmental  movement scenes. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 44(1), 124-144.   

Complete list of publications

Media (selected)

de Moor, J. & M. Wahlström (2020). Using narratives for strategic adaptation: Lessons learned from COP21. Open Democracy.

de Moor, J., P. Catney & B. Doherty (2020). Climate action shouldn’t mean choosing between personal and political responsibility. The Conversation.

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Thèmes de recherche

Politique environnementale, changement climatique, mouvements sociaux, participation politique

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