MOOC: "Searching for the Grand Paris"

Know and understand the Grand Paris

What is the reasoning for the Grand Paris? What does the transformation of the relationship between Paris and its suburbs imply?

“Searching for the Grand Paris” is an original MOOC (course on line), for the general public, featuring accounts from residents, association representatives, experts, and researchers. It also contains archival footage and documents, as well as a comparative analysis of Brussels and London including.


The MOOC combines historical and comparative approaches with a discussion of controversial topics (what is the school map for ?). It also reflects upon the notion of scale and questions what is at stake in the implementation of the Grand Paris. It discusses the evolution of Paris and its region, as well as issues such as ethnic and social segregation, economic growth, safety, the environment, housing, transportation, city construction, education, and culture.

This formation takes place during 6 sessionsfootage. It consists of videos, interviews, archives pictures and documents.

A final MCQ is offered as an evaluation.


This MOOC, in French (subtitles in English), is a course for the general public.

It handles questions and stakes bound to the development of Grand Paris, there is no required prerequisite for this course. It’s available for free on the FUN MOOC platform.

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This MOOC was made in collaboration with students from the Urban School of Sciences Po, under the direction of Patrick Le Galès, along with many other contributors.

Ours partners on the project were the Paris City hall and the Grand Public Agency.

Pedagogical team :

Héloïse Thibault, Valentine Quinio, Judith Lienhard, Ninon Beillard, Juliette Guichardet, Odile Gaultier-Voituriez, Miyuki Tsuchiya, Maxime Crépel, Pôle Audiovisuel Sciences Po

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