Dual BA with Keio University

Last Update: 
17 February 2021

A dual BA programme is being offered jointly by Sciences Po and Keio University. Admission decisions will be made collaboratively by both institutions

This prestigious and highly selective programme consists of two years in France in the Sciences Po Europe-Asia campus and two years in Japan at the Economics department of Keio University, leading to a dual Bachelor degree.

This prestigious program is composed of two years in France on the Euro-Asia Sciences Po campus at Le Havre followed by two years in Japan at the Economy Faculty at Keio University leading to a double degree Bachelor level. This double degree is entirely taught in English with a strong orientation towards economy. Reinforced classes in economics are obligatory during the students' education at Sciences Po. Non japanese students must learn japanese as a second language.

programme requirements

This program requires a great personal effort considering that its aim is the earning of two degrees and requires a high proficiency in English and a strong appeal for economics. 

To achieve this goal, each year, we recruit candidates who are able to:

  • To show an excellent academic background.
  • To show a strong motivation for social sciences and humanities.
  • To be interested in French and international current events and contemporary issues.
  • To show one’spersonal commitment and team spirit.
  • To be able to mobilize and bring together relevant knowledge.
  • To demonstrate intellectual curiosity, reflection and critical thinking ; 
  • To be fond of innovation and multidisciplinarity;
  • To know the Sciences Po educational project and its partner university.
  • Know the Sciences Po educational program and Keio University.
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in this program and in Japan.
  • Be strongly appealed by economics
  • Have a high English proficiency.

Admission process

The admission process for this dual degree program will be meeting the new and unique Sciences Po undergraduate admission procedure which consists of four separate but complementary evaluations:

Acceptance to the program will be determined by a Sciences Po - University of Keio Dual Degree Admissions Committee.

programme choice

Applicants graduating from the French secondary school system on the national platform Parcoursup

The application to the dual degree programme constitutes a wish in itself.

Applicants graduating from foreign secondary school systems on the Sciences Po platform.

International candidates have to choose the programme as a first choice in their application form.

Please note that due to high selectivity, it is important that applicants indicate a second choice of Undergraduate programme at Sciences Po. Example: you can indicate the dual Bachelor with Keio University as a first choice and the English track Europe-Asia programme of our campus in Le Havre as a second choice.


The interviews will be conducted remotely, in visioconference. Candidates will be informed of their interview date & time by email.

Applicants graduating from the French secondary school system on the national platform Parcoursup

Interviews wil be held in May 2021. 

Applicants graduating from foreign secondary school systems on the Sciences Po platform.

Candidates who have obtained the necessary mark to the evaluation of their application file (first 3 evaluations) will be invited to an interview, which is the fourth and final evaluation for admission. One interview will be organized for both programmes selected in the Sciences Po application form.

Interviews will be organized from the end of January to mid-June 2021, depending on the date the application is submitted.


At the conclusion of their programme of study candidates will earn Sciences Po's Bachelor degree as well as Keio University's Bachelor degree.

Like other Sciences Po students new degree-holders will then be able to matriculate for the Sciences Po Master's programme of their choice in compliance with the relevant selection criteria.

For more information on this programme, please contact the campus at Le Havre.

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