Migration Governance and Asylum Crises (MAGYC)

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The MAGYC (Migration Governance and asYlum Crises) project seeks to assess how migration governance has been influenced by the recent “refugee crises” and how crises at large shape policy responses on migration. The general objective of the project is to appraise policy responses in light of the ‘crisis’ and assess their efficiency for the long-term governance of migration.
MAGYC’s general objectives are the following:

  •      Reflecting on policy gaps in migration governance
  •     Analysing migration and asylum policy-making, focusing on knowledge-policy discrepancies
  •     Connecting policy responses with migration dynamics in order to develop indicators of migration governance
  •      Proposing possible avenues for the development of innovative migration governance strategies that break away from path dependency.

MAGYC is organised in eight Work Packages. The CERI Sciences Po leads Work Packages 3 on Constructing the Crisis: Actors, Representations and Narratives and 8 External Dimensions of the Crisis of MAGYC.

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