International graduate admissions: academic and professional references

Academic and/or professional references required

We advise you to start your application by filling out the reference section. This will ensure referees have adequate time to reply and fill out the recommendation form.

Academic/professional recommendations are an essential part of your application. Without them at the deadline of the programme, your application will be deemed incomplete.

Make sure you check the specific requirements of your programme(e), as the number and kind of recommendations required can vary from one programme to another.

Choice of referees

The references supplied in the application form are very important documents for us; you should therefore take the utmost care when choosing your referees.

We therefore recommend that you make arrangements with your referees beforehand and make sure that they will be able to respond to your request to fill out the recommendation form sent by Sciences Po. Bear in mind that your referees receive many such requests.

Make sure your referees know the deadline to fill the forms and in what language they must do so. The references can be writen in French or English. If you are applying to a Master programme and to a dual degree programme, the references must be writen in English. 

Make sure

  • You choose someone who knows you well and who can evaluate your skills and personal qualities. Do not choose someone only because of their title or position. What matters most is that you choose someone who knows you well and who can evaluate your skills and personal qualities.
  • The person you have chosen is prompt to give a positive reference. Take the time to meet your referees in order to explain the reasons and motivation behind your choice. Take this time to remind them of the strong elements of your personality, interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and/or of your experience that you would like them to highlight.
  • The referees must have assessed you academically (written work in particular) and must be able to evaluate you in an impartial and precise manner. Please note that referees must be teachers or hierarchical superiors. Personal acquaintances will not be taken into account. If your referees are teachers, choose those who have taught the main disciplines you have studied or disciplines that are taught at Sciences Po. Do not choose language teachers, as indications of your language level are provided elsewhere in your application. If you have been enrolled in several institutions in the last two years, it is recommended to choose referees from each one of them

Please note 


You can delete or add a referee until your application has been submitted.


Candidates are not permitted to view their reference letters. They are strictly confidential and will only be read by those people responsible for assessing your application.

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