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Dual degree with Luigi Bocconi University

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A high standard program

Sciences Po and the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan have combined their excellent reputations and teaching quality to offer a Dual Master Degree in Management of International and Public Affairs.

This 2-year program allows students to obtain the equivalent of a Master degree (Laurea Specialistica in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations  from the Luigi Bocconi University and a Master's degree from the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po.

Multidisciplinary and taught in three languages (English, French and Italian), this highly selective program unites economics and management to the social sciences. Teaching at both institutions offers a strong professional component coming from the faculty body and the design of the courses. 

The program is based on reciprocal recognition of the curriculum and evaluation of the other university.

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Programme Overview

This 2-year dual degree program is organized as follow: 

  • The first year is spent at the home institution. Students only apply to the dual degree during their first year at their home institution.
  • The second year is spent at the partner institution.

All dual degree students are required to:

  • Complete a 10-week internship (minimum), in France, Italy or elsewhere in the world. This internship takes place in the summer between the first and second year.
  • Write an 50 page Master thesis (Tesi di Laurea) at the end of the program in English or Italian. This thesis must be defended in front of a jury at the Luigi Bocconi University.
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Year 1 at Sciences Po

During the first year of the Dual Degree, students may join one of the seven Master's programs offered by the Paris School of International Affairs.

For more information on the Dual Degree structure at PSIA please visit the website.

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Year 2 at Luigi Bocconi University

During the year of the dual degree spent at Luigi Bocconi University, students follow the Laurea Specialistica in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations.

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Admission to the Dual Degree

Only students admitted at Sciences Po or at Luigi Bocconi University may apply to the dual degree program.

For Sciences Po students

Any student enrolled on one of PSIA’s seven standard two-year Master's programs are eligible to apply to this dual degree during their first year at PSIA.

Pre-requisites for Sciences Po students:

  • Admitted to one of the Sciences Po master’s programs mentioned above
  • Not holding a BA from an Italian Institution 
  • Not having applied to a Master of Science Bocconi before Sciences Po

Application process for Sciences Po students:

Candidates must complete their application online, indicating their work experience and studies. When creating the online application file, please click on “partnership program” (cursus integré) to view the accurate list of programmes available.

Application files must be submitted by November 16th, 2023.

The final results will be decided at the beginning of December. Applicants will be informed of the results by email shortly after.

IMPORTANT: PSIA students who wish to apply to the dual degree need to inform their academic advisor before Fall semester course registration (in July). Applicants to the dual degree will need to choose and declare ONE concentration they wish to keep and graduate from. 

If their application is unsuccessful, students will take the remaining 2 concentration courses during their 4th semester at PSIA and graduate from both initial concentrations. 

For Luigi Bocconi students

Eligibility for Luigi Bocconi students:

At Luigi Bocconi University, eligible candidates are first year students enrolled on the Laurea Specialistica en Economia e management delle amministrazioni pubbliche e delle istituzioni internazionali. 

For more information about the year at PSIA for the incoming Bocconi students, please view here.

More on Admissions

Each year, 12 places are available on the program, in each institution.

A selection panel will thoroughly examine the applications and conduct interviews in order to make the final selection.

Admission into the dual degree is only confirmed at the end of the first year, provided that admitted students have met their academic and administrative requirements. Students need to have validated 60 ECTS according to their curriculum and have met all administrative requirements including tuition fees payment.

Students interested in applying should apply via the Admission Portal.

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Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

Students pay tuition fees applicable to their home institution:

  • Sciences Po students pay tuition fees to their home institution for the two years of the dual master degree, according to the rules which apply to them.
  • Luigi Bocconi University students pay tuition fees to their home institution for the two years of the dual master degree.

The students of this dual degree program may not, under any circumstances, apply for funding from the host institution.

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Sciences Po: Julien d’Aguanno, International Office, Email: julien.daguanno@sciencespo.fr, Tel: +33-(0)1 45 49 51 12