Tours - Manifestation des Gilets Jaunes - février 2019. Crédits image : GrandCelinien/ CC-BY-SA-3.0
The Dark Matter of Democracy, Origins of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests)
13 February 2020
Politiques des quotas d'égalité entre sexes . Crédits : Delpixel, Shutterstock
Are Quotas a Solution for Equality?
18 May 2020

Cogito 9

The analysis of democracy, its advances, its new forms, as well as threats to it, are the focus of this new Cogito. This issue also examines a series of public policies: higher education, social policies, the environment, and ethics. It also looks at the reception of fake news on social networks and of decision-making. Finally, historical perspectives are provided on colonial cultures and the birth of medical emergencies. Enjoy the read!


In Folio

Public Deontology:
From Principles to Practices
by Guillaume Tusseau
Informational Autocrats
by Sergei Guriev
Investigating Street Art
in Latin America
by Olivier Dabène
The Dark Matter of Democracy
by Luc Rouban
No environmental economics
without social justice
by Éloi Laurent
Transforming universities:
Proposals from a researcher
by Christine Musselin
Colonial Transactions
by Florence Bernault
The Paradox of Family Policy
by Emanuele Ferragina
Governing the Digital City
by Antoine Courmont et Patrick Le Galès

Research project

When the Truth is Inconvenient
or “Motivated” Reading of Information
by Jeanne Hagenbach


Fake News: From URLs to their Reception #InRealLife
by Manon Berriche

Rising stars

The Birth of Medical Emergencies
by Charles-Antoine Wanecq
Access to Social Housing
by Marine Bourgeois


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Cogito 9