13 February 2020

Cogito 9

The analysis of democracy, its advances, its new forms, as well as threats to it, are the focus of this new Cogito. This issue also […]
13 February 2020
Tours - Manifestation des Gilets Jaunes - février 2019. Crédits image : GrandCelinien/ CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Dark Matter of Democracy, Origins of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests)

In his latest work, La matière noire de la démocratie, Luc Rouban, a researcher at the Centre for Political Research (CEVIPOF), puts forward the argument […]
13 February 2020

Informational Autocrats

Today’s autocrats are less cruel than yesterday’s dictators. Deportations, mass murders, re-education camps are no longer popular. Yet freedoms of thought and expression are blithely […]
13 February 2020
An old ibu (woman) sits among the ruins of her house in Pariaman, north of Padang, West Sumatra. Crédits image : US Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

No environmental economics without social justice

On September 18, 2019, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives. When asked to submit a written version of her […]
13 February 2020
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - APRIL 4: Colorful street art in Palermo Crédits : districtsunsinger/Shutterstock

Investigating Street Art in Latin America

Well known for his fine analysis of Latin American politics, Olivier Dabène (Full Professor, CERI) invites us to discover a great number of works of […]
13 February 2020
Dilemne moral - Crédits : Jorgen Mcleman via Shutterstock

Public Deontology: From Principles to Practices

The growing demand for deontology is affecting an increasing number of professions and missions, from politicians, civil servants and medical professions to journalists and scientists. […]
13 February 2020
Uber slammed for putting prices up during London Bridge terror attack. Screenshot metro.co.uk on 2017/06/04

Governing the Digital City

Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart city, platforms, algorithms, digital labour: technological innovation seems fast and unfathomable. It is important therefore to ask the question […]
13 February 2020
Faculté de droit (Université Paris I). Crédits image : Cristian Bortes. CC BY 2.0

Transforming universities: Proposals from a researcher

“Proposals from a researcher for universities” (Propositions d’une chercheuse pour l’université, Presses de Sciences Po) the latest book by Christine Musselin, CNRS research director at […]
13 February 2020
Illustration de l'ouvrage de Alexandre de Bar - Le Tour du Monde (1860) représentant une maison des esprits et une scène de cannibalisme.

Colonial Transactions

In her most recent work, Colonial Transactions: Imaginaries, Bodies, and Histories in Gabon (Duke University Press, 2019), historian of Sub-Saharan Africa and researcher at the […]