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Two-Year Master's Programmes

Develop your thinking and gain practical experience to work for the Common Good

Section #objectives


The School of Public Affairs trains its students to become leaders in the design of innovative and enlightened solutions to major contemporary challenges.

The School's graduate programme is designed for students who, in a multicultural environment, are able to grasp the major political, social and economic challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to choosing a Master's programme, students choose one of 11 policy streams offered by the School. These are intended to promote and enhance the employability of students in all areas of public affairs.

The School of Public Affairs has also developed a series of teaching methods that engages students in addressing public policy of the past and future. Pedagogical innovation enriches all aspects of training, from the use of real-life situations to reverse pedagogy or digital technologies (e-courses, online modules, etc.). Throughout their studies, students have access to the Policy Lab, which develops innovative methods for accessing and applying knowledge (case studies, simulations, Public Policy Incubator, Democratic Innovation project). This allows students to sharpen their critical thinking skills as well as to experiment with the design and implementation of a public affairs project or an entrepreneurship project.

Theses programmes are open to students with a minimum of 3 years of higher education.

Section #organisation

Programme structure

Find out how you can personalise your studies (infogram)
Find out how you can personalise your studies (infogram)

The first year of the Master's programme is spent acquiring comparative and cross-disciplinary knowledge in the field of public affairs through a combination of economic, legal, managerial, political, ethical, historical and digital humanities approaches.

Students complete 2 common core courses that are taught across all Sciences Po schools and are spread over two semesters.

Students choose between 3 and 4 core courses specific to their Master's choice (Master in Public Policy or Master in European Affairs) that will be spread over the 2 semesters.

At the time of application, candidates also choose a policy stream, taught in French or English, for which they will complete 2 to 3 courses in their first year, spread over 2 semesters.

Students also have access to a wide range of elective courses, open to all students of the School, regardless of their policy stream, as well as to the Policy Lab (case studies, simulations, innovation cycle, etc.). This training allows students to discover other areas of public policy, other approaches, and thus allows them to broaden their horizons.

The second year of the Master's programme is divided into two main complementary phases:

A specialization phase composed of:

A professionalization phase, during which students can:

  • engage in an apprenticeship over the entire year,
  • complete an internship,
  • write a Master’s thesis,
  • join the Policy Lab’s public policy incubator, or
  • study abroad at one of 470 partner universities.

The programme structure allows students to combine proficiency in all disciplines related to public affairs with strong expertise in the stream of their choice.

The two-year Master’s programmes also include many opportunities for dual degrees in France and abroad.

Students may also choose, during their first year, to complete their second year in the form of an apprenticeship. Their weekly schedule will then be divided between the host institution, public or private (3 days of presence) and Sciences Po (2 days of training).

Students also benefit from access to preparation for French and European civil service entry examinations. This competitive exam preparation is offered by PrépaConcours, whose pedagogy and results are second to none in France.

Language courses are part of the fundamental training provided to Sciences Po students. Their objective is to prepare students for the requirements of the labour market, whatever their field of activity. The choice of a foreign language, other than French and English, is made by the students in accordance with their study project and, in the long term, their professional project.

More information on language courses.

Section #career

Career and professional opportunities

Employability is a key issue for the School of Public Affairs, is at the heart of the concerns of the School of Public Affairs, which supports its students in the construction of their professional project throughout their studies, by fostering exchanges between organizations and students.

The School draws on its extensive network of public and private partners to facilitate internships, apprenticeships and, more broadly, the professional integration of its students.


Key facts

  • Two-year Master's
  • Langues: English and French
  • ECTS: 120 minimum

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