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Case studies

What are case studies?

The case study method is a proactive pedagogy aimed at immersing students in the heart of a complex situation. Through a transdisciplinary approach, the purpose is to enable them to understand from the inside the different stages and facets of a case in the public sphere (reform, merger of two institutions, implementation of a project, etc.). Students will thus have the opportunity to understand and evaluate a decision-making or implementation process in different sectors (private or public) and fields (public administration, digital, culture, energy, social innovation, etc.). The case study brings them to embody, today in a fictitious way, tomorrow in a real way, the actors of public action: an action resolutely oriented towards the common good.

The module is compulsory for Master students at the School of Public Affairs and is a mandatory course in second year (it is a core course). As such, its validation is mandatory and corresponds to 4 ECTS credits. The module consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours each, for a total of 12 hours. Sessions are held every other week to allow students to work independently between each session. Assignments are requested by the teacher between each session. The module is subject to an attendance requirement and students will be assessed on the basis of contrôle continu (continuous monitoring).

List of case studies offered (only on semester 3).

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