EPSO Competition

The CPCE scheduling follows the calendar of examinations published by EPSO (PDF, 128 Ko) and prepares students aiming to become permanent officials for the Administrator-level examination.

Conditions for the competition

  • You must have the nationality of one of the 28 countries of the European Union;
  • You must have completed at least three years of higher education (i.e. Bac +3 equivalent);
  • Other particular conditions can be specified in the notice of competition.


The European examination include four phases:

  1. registration (creation of a personal account and application submission on the EPSO site);
  2. pre-selection (admission tests);
  3. selection (assessment centre);
  4. recruitment (entry into service).

Further information on the website Eu Careers.

Language qualifications

EPSO requires proficiency in at least two languages of the European Union: main language (1st language) plus English, French or German (2nd language).

The examination

1 - The admission tests (Computer Based Tests)

The examination consists of 4 tests taken on a computer:

  • situational judgement (2nd language)
  • verbal reasoning (1st language);
  • numerical reasoning (1st language);
  • abstract reasoning (1st language).

2 - The assessment centre (opened for people having passed the admission)

From 2015, the assessment center has become a two-steps evaluation procedure.

A computer test : the "e-tray test" (2nd language)

Then 4 other tests:

  • case study in the field in question (2nd language)
  • oral presentation (2nd language)
  • structured interview (2nd language)
  • group exercises (2nd language).

The three last tests are oral examinations.

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