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Certificat égalité femmes-hommes et politiques publiques

A joint program created by the School of Public Affairs and Sciences Po's Research and Educational program on GEnder studies (PRESAGE) in 2019, the Certificat Egalité femmes-hommes et politiques publiques provides training on policies that aim to combat gender inequality and discrimination.

Training actors to promote gender equality 

The Certificat Égalité femmes-hommes et politiques publiques (offered in French only) proposes a pedagogical framework focused on understanding the different types of gender inequality, as well as how to evaluate policies that work to promote equality and to fight against discrimination. Through the certificate, gender inequality will be analyzed at in several sectors, particularly within the political sphere and labor market in both the public and private sectors. 

This program will specifically look at how public action can promote women’s rights and gender equality, as well as how internal policies within institutions (companies, universities, etc.) aim to promote gender equality.

Example of a report produced in the framework of the group projects: short version in English / Long version in French)

For more details on the certificate and how to apply, please refer to the page in French

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