Political Sociology

CEVIPOF has traditionally focused on studying political attitudes and cultures, taking into account the importance of social and historical determinants as an explanation for changes in individual and collective relationships to politics.

Researchers study political change related to a number of specific issues including (though not limited to): political participation, protest, globalization, populism, nationalism, European identity, religion, migration, gender, and youth. They conduct both quantitative and qualitative surveys and also use experimental protocols to measure political opinions, ideological orientations, norms and values.

One of the core features of CEVIPOF is the inter-disciplinary approach adopted for much of the research carried out at the centre. This inter-disciplinary approach, that draws on sociology, philosophy, psychology, political science, history, and the hard sciences, provides CEVIPOF with a rich pool of skills and expertise, allowing the centre to cover a large spectrum of topics across the field of political sociology.

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