- Elections and Public Opinion

CEVIPOF has a long tradition in elections and public opinion. The centre initiates and monitors national election surveys to identify the main patterns of electoral behavior in France. The research team includes political scientists, sociologists, political psychologists and philosophers, and researchers from the hard sciences, thus benefiting from a multi-disciplinary approach, and yielding in-depth insights in research results.

Main approaches:

- The dynamics of electoral decision-making with special focus on electoral competition, issue voting, partisan changes, attitudes, values, and their impact on party/partisan politics

- Democratic tension within French society reflecting low levels of political trust, the crisis of representation and the rise of authoritarian trends

- The interplay between individual and aggregate data using both qualitative and quantitative methods, which involve statistics, theory, modeling and simulations

- The creation of specific methodologies by means of which the findings and insights gained through research are used to make predictions on upcoming elections

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