CERI Strategy Papers

CERI Strategy PapersLes CERI Strategy Papers sont issus des séminaires stratégiques, réunions organisées avec le soutien du Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et portant sur les questions de sécurité, défense et politique étrangère.

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Karolina Michel, karolina.michel@sciencespo.fr, tél.+33158717007

Sous la direction de Peter Herrly et Hugo Meijer en collaboration avec Nathalie Boll

The US “Rebalance” Towards Asia: Transatlantic Perspectives
N°16 - 06/2013

Frederic Wehrey

What’s Behind Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Anxiety?
N°15 - 12/2012

Emily B. Landau

Facing Iran's Military Nuclear Ambitions: The International Challenge and Israel's Concerns
N°15 - 05/2013

Mark Fitzpatrick

The Worrisome State: Assessing North Korea’s Security Challenges
N°14 - 10/2012

Ashley J. Tellis

Managing Frenemies: What Should the United States Do About Pakistan?
N°13 - 10/2011

Rick "Ozzie" Nelson

Al Qaeda and U.S. Homeland Security after Bin Laden
N°12 - 11/2011

Zaki Laïdi

The BRICS Against the West?
N°11 - 11/2011

Henri J. Barkey

Turkish Foreign Policy and the Middle East
N°10 - 06/2011

David Freedman

Dictaplomacy: Negotiating With States Like North Korea
N°9 - 12/2010

Brahma Chellaney

The China-India-Pakistan Triangle: Scenarios for the 21st Century
N°8 - 09/2010

Boaz Dolev, Assaf Keren

Cyber Vs. Nuclear
N°7 - 04/2010

Uzi Rubin

Recent Developments in Missile Defense
N°6 - 03/2010

Stefan Forss

Russian Military Thinking and Threat Perception: A Finnish View
N°5 - 11/2009

Vladimir A. Orlov

US-Russia Dialogue on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Arms Control: What it Means for Europe and the World
N°4 - 09/2009

Eta Tkeshelashvili

Georgia: Building a European State in the Caucasus
N°3 - 05/2009

George Perkovich

U.S. Nuclear Policies and Forces by 2025
N°2 - 12/2008

Ariel E. Levite, Bruno Tertrais

What Might the Middle East Look by 2025?
N°1 - 05/2008
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