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Cette collection d'ouvrages de recherche en anglais est publiée aux États-Unis par Palgrave et se consacre aux mutations de l'État, aux transformations des sociétés politiques, aux processus de régionalisation, à la globalisation financière, commerciale et culturelle et aux flux transnationaux. Elle accueille des ouvrages de chercheurs de Sciences Po et d'ailleurs.

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Couverture Palgrave Crisis of Multilateralism? Challenges and Resilience
sous la direction d'Auriane Guilbaud, Franck Petiteville, Frédéric Ramel

This book explores the challenges that multilateralism faces today and questions the idea of a ‘crisis’ of multilateral cooperation and international organizations. It accounts for the pressures on and power shifts in multilateralism in recent years - such as the war in Syria, the Covid-19 pandemic, challenges for NATO, the erosion of multilateral norms, the transition from Trump to Biden, the rise of China, the post-Brexit European Union, and the mobilization of countries from the South. The authors illustrate the resilience of multilateralism and lessons learned from the WTO, UN Women, International Organizations’ Secretariats and global environmental governance. Written in part by members of the Research Group on Multilateral Action (GRAM), this volume argues that ‘crisis’ should not be considered a pathology but the ‘matrix’ of multilateralism, which is more resilient than commonly thought. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of International Relations, global governance, and international organizations.

ISBN : 978-3-031-39670-0 / 978-3-031-39673-1

Couverture Palgrave Turkey, a Century of Change in State and Society
sous la direction de Bayram Balci, Nicolas Monceau.

The Republic of Turkey celebrates the centenary of its proclamation in 2023. Founded on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, one of the world’s greatest empires both in terms of its geographical extent and its longevity, Republican Turkey has gone through a century of profound and constant changes and transformations from politics to society, economy to religion, or culture to history. These changes have been produced by inner and foreign policies carried out and implemented by the country’s leaders – from Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the current Turkish President in 2023 - but also under the influence of the regional and international context. This collective work aims to take stock of the great achievements of the Turkish republican project. It attempts to draw a general presentation of the evolution of contemporary Turkey in six main areas which constitute six major issues for the country: the general political evolution of Turkey focusing on the issue of citizenship; the transformations in the Turkish economy through a political economy analysis; the evolution of the relationship between religion, state and society; Turkey’s nation-building and the Kurdish question, which still seeks a solution; the changes in Turkish foreign policy focusing on the relationship between Turkey and the West; the relationship between Turkey and Europe, caught between the model of civilization for the republican regime and the prospects of accession to the European Union. Several “focus points” also concentrate on specific subjects such as the Alevi issue, the Cyprus issue or the Turkish soft power with an accent on Africa.

ISBN : 978-3-031-33443-6 / 978-3-031-33444-3


Couverture Palgrave Understanding salafism
par Mohamed Al Adraoui

This book addresses the issue of one of the most visible and debated currents in contemporary radical Islam. It sheds light on the history, the fundamental principles, and the political and religious translations of Salafism and explains current events involving Salafist actors in an objective and dispassionate manner. The author explains with precision the different contemporary Salafist mobilizations by illustrating them with specific cases while shedding light on the main debates related to this mode of understanding of the Muslim religion, such as its potential role in triggering certain forms of violence, the way to compare it to other fundamentalist versions in other religions, or the way to describe, in terms of social sciences, the main concepts and discourses that can be observed in this current of Islam today.

ISBN : 978-3-031-18088-0 / 978-3-031-18089-7

Couverture Palgrave Democracies at War Against Drugs. The Military Mystique in Brazil and Mexico
par Anaìs Medeiros Passos (Associate Professor of Political Science in Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil )

This book provides an in-depth account of military operations against drug gangs and organizations in two of the biggest countries in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico. Recent studies on drug wars have detailed case studies on the war on drugs but do not focus on the role of the army in such policies. Publications that do drive attention to the military in such situations are usually from human rights organizations or the press and are therefore not scholarly works. There are therefore no recent academic books dealing with the role of the military in the fight against drugs in Latin America. This book aims to fill this gap. It also offers an empirical and theoretical examination of the issue of the role of the military (rather than the police) on national soil—the army being generally devoted to interventions abroad, and the police, to law enforcement on the national ground. The book is also the first work to look at high-level negotiations between military and civilian elites that define the conditions for the use of force during military operations. It provides a theoretically informed understanding of contemporary security politics in Brazil and Mexico.

ISBN : 978-3-031-11326-0 / 978-3-031-11327-7

Couverture Palgrave A History of Confinement in Palestine: The Prison Web
par Stéphanie Latte Abdallah

Novo testo : This book deals with the contemporary history of the imprisonment of Palestinians in Israeli prisons since 1967, and, since the 2000s, in Palestinian facilities. Widely shared in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, incarceration endurably marks personal and collective stories, and has spun a prison web, a kind of suspended detention. Approximately 40 percent of the male population has been to prison. This book shows how the judicial and prison practices applied to Palestinian residents of the OPT are major fractal devices of control contributing to the management of Israeli borders, and shape a specific bordering system based on a mobility regime. This history of confinement is that of the prison web, and of the in-between political, social, and personal spaces people weave between Inside and Outside prison. Based on in-depth ethnographic fieldwork, archives, and extensive institutional documentation, this political anthropology book deals with carceral citizenships and subjectivities; masculinities, femininities, gender relations, parentality, and intimacy. Woven like a web, this story is built around places, moments, people, and their testimonies.

ISBN :978-3-031-08709-7

Couverture Palgrave Contemporary Populists in Power
sous la direction d'Alain Dieckhoff, Christophe Jaffrelot et Elise Massicard.

Populism is on the rise, and so are academic studies on populism. The study of populism has long focused on the way its spokespersons have behaved as an oppositional force, in Western countries in particular. While discourses and practices of populists exercising a protest function still merit attention, this volume trains the focus on populists in government. The real novelty of the past decade is that many populists are now (or have been) in power, in Europe as well as in other parts of the world, and this book intends to play a pioneering role from a geographical and analytical standpoint. Besides Europe and Latin America, where populism is well established, populists are today—or have been recently—in office in the Middle East (Turkey, Israel), Asia (India, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), and the United States. In most of the cases, their rule has resulted in forms of authoritarianism, giving birth to a new kind of regime that combines elections—which populists need to nurture their legitimacy—and attacks against institutions in charge of checks and balances, including the judiciary. While most of the populist rulers have consolidated their power, democratic resilience has prevailed in some rare cases.

ISBN :978-3-030-84079-2


Couverture Palgrave Turkey, Russia and Iran in the Middle East
Establishing a New Regional Order
sous la direction de Bayram Balci, Nicolas Monceau

This book explores the complexity of the Syrian question and its effects on the foreign policies of Russia, Iran, and Turkey. The Syrian crisis has had a major effect on the regional order in the Middle East. Syria has become a territory where the rivalry between Russia and Western powers is being played out, and with the West’s gradual withdrawal, the conflict will without a doubt have lasting effects locally and on the international order. This collection focuses on the effects of the Syrian crisis on the new governance of the Middle East region by three political regimes: Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Many articles and a number of books have been written on this conflict, which has lasted over ten years, but no publication has examined simultaneously and comparatively how these three states are participating in the shared management of the Syrian conflict.

ISBN :978-3-030-80290-5

Couverture Palgrave The Politics of Destruction
Three Contemporary Configurations of Hallucination: USSR, Polish PiS Party, Islamic State
par François Bafoil

Traduit par Laurie Hurwitz

When applied to social science, psychoanalytic concepts make it possible to analyze totalitarian action and its derivative, authoritarian action, by highlighting what such regimes have in common: the destruction of frames of reference for space and time; their replacement of those reference points with a restrictive “surreality”; and the assignation of individuals in the social space in terms of the love or hatred attributed to them by those in power. Whether in Stalinist Bolshevism, posited here as the matrix of the “totalitarian personality”; in its extreme form of totalitarianism with the Islamic State; or in a more diluted variant in the Polish ruling party ‘Law and Justice’ (PiS), each is characterized by the negation of temporal and spatial distance, and therefore by the negation of causal links, displacement and transformation of experience. These components are specific to the unconscious which, in dreams as Freud considered, acts upon factual datum, denies it, and reproduces it in another way, one that conforms more closely to the dreamer’s desires. For this reason, the politics that arise from these regimes have much in common with a hallucination.

ISBN :978-3-030-81942-2


Couverture Palgrave Disasterland
An Ethnography of the International Disaster Community
par Sandrine Revet

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch and Katharine Throssell

This book analyses the making of the international world of ‘natural’ disasters by its professionals. Through a long-term ethnographic study of this arena, the author unveils the various elements that are necessary for the construction of an international world: a collective narrative, a shared language, and standardized practices. The book analyses the two main framings that these professionals use to situate themselves with regards to a disaster: preparedness and resilience, arguing that the making of the world of ‘natural’ disasters reveals how heterogeneous, conflicting, and sometimes competing elements are put together.

ISBN :978-3-030-41582-2


Couverture Palgrave Global Diplomacy
An Introduction to Theory and Practices
sous la direction de Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Charillon, Frédéric Ramel

Traduit par William Snow

This volume brings together different approaches to diplomacy both as an institution and a practice. The authors examine diplomacy from their own backgrounds and through sociological traditions, which shape the study of international relations (IR) in Francophone countries. The volume’s global character articulates the Francophone intellectual concerns with a variety of scholarships on diplomacy, providing a first contact with this subfield of IR for students and practitioners.

ISBN :978-3-030-28786-3

Couverture Palgrave Contemporary French Security Policy in Africa
On Ideas and Wars
par Benedikt Erforth

Despite efforts to normalize its post-colonial relationship and the downsizing of its permanent military presence, France remains a sought-after security provider in Africa. This book uncovers individual and collective motivations that drive French foreign and security policy in Africa. It explains French interventionism by drawing on actors’ subjective perceptions of reality and seeks to answer why French decision-makers are ready to accept the considerable risks and costs involved in guaranteeing the security of African countries. Adopting an actor-centric constructivist ontology, the author traces the emergence and subsequent development of ideas throughout the decision-making processes that led to Operation Serval in Mali and Operation Sangaris in the Central African Republic.

ISBN :978-3-030-17581-8


Couverture Palgrave Governing Islam Abroad
Turkish and Moroccan Muslims in Western Europe
par Benjamin Bruce

From sending imams abroad to financing mosques and Islamic associations, home states play a key role in governing Islam in Western Europe. Drawing on over one hundred interviews and years of fieldwork, this book employs a comparative perspective that analyzes the foreign religious activities of the two home states with the largest diaspora populations in Europe: Turkey and Morocco. The research shows how these states use religion to promote ties with their citizens and their descendants abroad while also seeking to maintain control over the forms of Islam that develop within the diaspora. The author identifies and explains the internal and foreign political interests that have motivated state actors on both sides of the Mediterranean, ultimately arguing that interstate cooperation in religious affairs has and will continue to have a structural influence on the evolution of Islam in Western Europe.

ISBN :978-3-319-78664-3

Couverture Palgrave New Perspectives on the International Order
No Longer Alone in This World
par Bertrand Badie

We are told again and again that the world has become increasingly complex and indecipherable. However, this book reminds us that we are no longer alone in the world, that it is time to move away from the mental categories of the Cold War and stop treating all those who challenge our vision of the international order as guilty “deviants” or “Barbarians.” The author challenges the diplomacy of Western states, who want to continue to rule the world against history, and in particular that of France, which too often oscillates between arrogance, indecision, and ambiguity. The power play is stuck. The international order can no longer be regulated by a small club of oligarchs who exclude the weaker ones, ignore the demands of societies, and ignore the demands for justice that emerge from a new world where the actors are more numerous, more diverse and more restive to arbitrary disciplines. For this reason, this book also offers ways to think an international order that would be, if not fair, at least less unfair.

ISBN :978-3-319-94286-5

Couverture PalgraveInternational Relations, Music and Diplomacy
Sounds and Voices on the International Stage
sous la direction de Frédéric Ramel et CécilePrévost-Thomas 

This volume explores the interrelation of international relations, music, and diplomacy from a multidisciplinary perspective. Throughout history, diplomats have gathered for musical events, and musicians have served as national representatives. Whatever political unit is under consideration (city-states, empires, nation-states), music has proven to be a component of diplomacy, its ceremonies, and its strategies. Following the recent acoustic turn in IR theory, the authors explore the notion of “musical diplomacies” and ask whether and how it differs from other types of cultural diplomacy. Accordingly, sounds and voices are dealt with in acoustic terms but are not restricted to music per se, also taking into consideration the voices (speech) of musicians in the international arena.

ISBN :978-3-319-63163-9


Couverture PalgraveResources and Applied Methods in International Relations
par Guillaume Devin (dir.)

Traduit par William Snow

This book constitutes an up-to-date methodology reference work for International Relations (IR) scholars and students. The study of IR calls for the use of multiple and various tools to try and describe international phenomena, analyze and understand them, compare them, interpret them, and try to offer theoretical approaches. In a nutshell, doing research in IR requires both tools and methods—from the use of archives to the translation of results through mapping, from conducting interviews to analyzing quantitative data, from constituting a corpus to the always touchy interpretation of images and discourses. This volume assembles twenty young researchers and professors in the field of IR and political science to discuss numerous rich and thoroughly explained case studies. Merging traditional political science approaches with methods borrowed from sociology and history, it offers a clear and instructive synthesis of the main resources and applied methods to study International Relations.

ISBN :978-3-319-61979-8

Couverture PalgraveThe Political Anatomy of Domination
par Béatrice Hibou

Traduit par Andrew Brown

Rereading Marx, Weber, Gramsci and, more recently, Foucault, Béatrice Hibou tackles one of the core questions of political and social theory: state domination. Combining comparative analyses of everyday life and economics, she highlights the arrangements, understandings and practices that make domination conceivable, bearable, even acceptable or reassuring. To carry out this demonstration, Hibou examines authoritarian situations—especially comparing the paradigmatic European cases of fascism, Nazism and Soviet socialism and those of contemporary China or North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

ISBN :978-3-319-49391-6

Couverture PalgraveFoucault and the Modern International
Silences and Legacies for the Study of World Politics
par Philippe Bonditti, Didier Bigo, Frédéric Gros (dir.)

Avec des traductions de Gregory Elliott et Andrew Brown

This book addresses the possibilities of analyzing the modern international through the thought of Michel Foucault. The broad range of authors brought together in this volume question four of the most self-evident characteristics of our contemporary world-'international', 'neoliberal', 'biopolitical' and 'global'- and thus fill significant gaps in both international and Foucault studies. The chapters discuss what a Foucauldian perspective does or does not offer for understanding international phenomena while also questioning many appropriations of Foucault's work. This transdisciplinary volume will serve as a reference for both scholars and students of international relations, international political sociology, international political economy, political theory/philosophy and critical theory more generally.

ISBN :978-1-137-56158-9


Couverture PalgraveThe Making of the Chinese Middle Class
Small Comfort and Great Expectations
par Jean-Louis Rocca

This book analyses the making of the Chinese middle class that started in the 1990s using a constructivist approach. With the development of the Chinese economy, a new group of middle wage earners appeared. Chinese social scientists and state institutions promoted the idea that China needs a middle class to achieve modernization. Middle class members are defined—and define themselves—as good consumers, educated people, politically engaged but reasonable citizens. As such, the making of the middle class is the result of three convergent phenomena: an attempt to define the middle class, a process of civilization, and the development of protest movements. The making of the Chinese middle class, Rocca argues, is a way to end the stalemate that modern Chinese society is facing, in particular the necessity to democratize without introducing an election system.

ISBN :978-1-137-39338-8

Couverture PalgraveRegime Transition and the Judicial Politics of Enmity
Democratic Inclusion and Exclusion in South Korean Constitutional Justice
par Justine Guichard

Among the societies that experienced a political transition away from authoritarianism in the 1980s, South Korea is known as a paragon of 'successful democratization.' This achievement is considered to be intimately tied to a new institution introduced with the 1987 change of regime, intended to safeguard fundamental norms and rights: the Constitutional Court of Korea. While constitutional justice is largely celebrated for having achieved both purposes, this book proposes an innovative and critical account of the court's role. Relying on an interpretive analysis of jurisprudence, it uncovers the ambivalence with which the court has intervened in the major dispute opposing the state and parts of civil society after the transition: (re)defining enmity. In response to this challenge, constitutional justice has produced both liberal and illiberal outcomes, promoting the rule of law and basic rights while reinforcing the mechanisms of exclusion bounding South Korean democracy in the name of national security.

Extraits de l'ouvrage

ISBN :978-1-137-57507-4


Couverture PalgraveEgypt's Revolutions
Politics, Religion, and Social Movements

dirigé par Bernand Rougier, Stephane Lacroix

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch, avec John Angell

Where is Egypt headed? Did the people 'bring down the government,' as the thousands of demonstrators in Tahrir Square claimed in January 2011? What has taken place since the fall of the Mubarak regime the following month? Why was political Islam, although it triumphed in the first free elections ever held in Egypt, overwhelmingly rejected during massive demonstrations in June 2013? Is authoritarian rule making a final comeback since the bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Field Marshall al-Sisi's rise to the presidency, and the arrest of revolutionary activists? Has the country become the first front in a regional counter-revolution backed by the Gulf monarchies? Can jihadist violence, which is more active than ever, contaminate the entire Islamist spectrum, beginning with the Muslim Brotherhood's militant base, which is pondering what action to take while its leadership rots in prison? This volume is the first to describe the ongoing dynamics in the country since the outbreak of revolution. Written by Egyptian, American, and French specialists who have experienced Egypt's turmoil first hand, it sheds light on a demographic, political and cultural giant whose upheavals and crises have sent ripples throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

Extraits de l'ouvrage

ISBN :978-1-137-56320-0

Couverture PalgraveThe Bureaucratization of the World in the Neoliberal Era
An International and Comparative Perspectives
par Béatrice Hibou

Traduit par Andrew Brown

At the point where Max Weber meets Michel Foucault, Béatrice Hibou analyzes the political dynamics underlying a set of norms, rules, and procedures that form contemporary beurocracy. Neoliberal bureaucracy is a vector of discipline and control: even more, it produces social and political indifference. Under the pretext of depoliticization, this trend cannot hide the exercise of normalizing and excluding power. Bureaucratization is not something external to society: it unfolds through the very same actors who are its target and who, consciously or not, play an essential role in this process. Operating as it does through individuals, bureaucratization does not come 'from above': it is a much wider process of 'bureaucratic participation', a response to the need to voice material and vested interests and give answers to legitimate demands, as well as expressing the quest for efficiency, but it also reflects day-to-day conflicts and negotiations between actors. In this way, bureaucratic participation is constructed through power relations, and paradoxically relies on informalities that alone make the neoliberal art of government possible.

ISBN :978-1-137-49527-3

Couverture PalgraveOrigins and Evolution of the US Rebalance toward Asia
Diplomatic, Military, and Economic Dimensions
dirigé par Hugo Meijer

This book provides a multifaceted analysis of the so-called US 'rebalance' (or 'pivot') toward the Asia Pacific. Most existing literature has focused almost exclusively on the military dimension of the US pivot toward Asia, depicting this as a US 'grand strategy' to contain a rising China. In contrast, this book brings to light the breadth and complexity of what is a diplomatic, military and economic repositioning of the United States toward (and within) the Asia Pacific region. The first section of the volume assesses the international and domestic drivers and policy objectives underlying the US rebalance toward Asia by analyzing the multiple diplomatic, military, and economic dimensions at play, as well as their mutual linkages. The second section examines regional reactions to this composite policy shift in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, and Europe.

Extraits de l'ouvrage

ISBN :978-1-137-44036-5

Couverture PalgraveGoverning Disasters
Beyond Risk Culture
dirigé par Sandrine Revet, Julien Langumier

Traduit par Ethan Rundell

Irreversible and exceptional events, disasters are nevertheless governed, usually in the context of specific, dedicated interventions by state authorities or NGOs, who aim to lead the affected population from a place of emergency to a new, post-disaster - but still undefined - position. How do the victims of disaster interact with the dispositifs of government and disaster? Based on extensive research - both ethnographic and historical - conducted over a long period of time in field locations as various as Hong-Kong, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, France, Argentina, and Italy, this volume offers an acute analysis of how actors at local, national, and international levels govern disasters. Chapter contributions show that the victims of disaster do not remain passive; rather, they react to and critique what this volume calls the 'government of disaster' and one of its central paradigms, the culture of risk, which leaves unaddressed key political issues.

Extraits de l'ouvrage

ISBN :978-1-137-43546-0


Couverture PalgraveEmerging Capitalism in Central Europe and Southeast Asia
A Comparison of Political Economies
par François Bafoil

Traduit par Michael O'Mahony et John Angell

This book examines the emergence of different forms of capitalism in Central-Eastern states in Europe and Mekong states within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). All of them (but Thailand) have historically disappeared from the regional maps for long periods of time due to colonial or imperial rule. Most of them were previously members of a soviet-type economy, and they all joined ASEAN or the European Union in the 1990s or in the 2000s. These states are characterized by a strong urge toward feelings of national sovereignty due to their experiences with colonialism and imperialism. But, due to the regional economic pressures and the globalization dynamic, these states cannot articulate protectionist policies. They are forced to open their economies in order to attract Foreign Direct Investments. This results in less regulated and more political forms of capitalism than in some more developed capitalist countries. This book analyzes forms of capitalism as the arising from a combination of three conditions: the legacy of the foreign occupations, the national construction process of the sovereign state, and lastly, the dynamics of regional integration. These states' claims to national sovereignty and the manner in which they developed suggests a causative link between the forms of political domination that have presided over these transformations and the forms of capitalism that have resulted.

ISBN : 978-1-137-38305-1


Couverture PalgraveThe G20
A New Geopolitical Order
par Karoline Postel-Vinay

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch

The composition of the Group of Twenty or G20 reflects the metamorphosis of world politics. In contrast with other 'Gs' (G8, G77) its members are both developed and emerging economies, democracies and authoritarian regimes, secular and religious governments. This book argues that the G20 is neither a global executive board for a new world order, nor is it just a crisis unit for failing economies. It is a laboratory for the observation, experimentation and invention of new forms of international cooperation that are redefining global politics.

E-book accessible sur le site de l'éditeur.

ISBN : 978-1-137-36774-7

Couverture PalgraveThe Gamble of War
Is it Possible to Justify Preventive War?
par Ariel Colonomos

Traduit par Chris Turner

With the new millennium, prevention has become a popular doctrine in international politics. One of its most noticeable features is that democracies become inclined to strike first. In the US, it has served as the banner of the neo–conservative movement but it also gathered support from some liberals. It has also inspired several Israeli interventions. Does the preventive use of force meet the normative criteria that prevail or should prevail in a democratic system? Or does it endanger the legal and ethical traditions that characterize the history of Western military ethics? This book analyzes the justification of preventive war in contemporary asymmetrical international relations. It focuses on the most crucial aspect of prevention: uncertainty. Luck plays a significant role in these hazardous preventive wars, with unforeseen and sometimes unforeseeable consequences. This book bridges the explanatory analysis of uncertainty in preventive war making (using field work and data) with a normative account of prevention. It builds a new framework where the role of luck – whether military, political, moral, or normative – is a corrective to the traditional approaches of the Just War tradition.

ISBN : 978-1-137-01894-6


Couverture PalgraveThe RAND Corporation (1989-2009)
The Reconfiguration of Strategic Studies in the United States
par Jean-Loup Samaan

Based on a case study of the RAND Corporation, this book shows how the uncertainties of US defense policies since the fall of the USSR can be understood and accurately illustrated through an analysis of the evolution of the think tank community, and more particularly through a sociological study of the so-called "defense intellectuals" such as the RAND Corporation. Indeed, RAND as the quintessential Cold War think tank provides a fruitful illustration of the difficult adaptation of American strategic studies in the last two decades.

ISBN : 978-1-137-05735-8

Couverture PalgraveWar Veterans in Postwar Situations
Chechnya, Serbia, Turkey, Peru, and Côte d’Ivoire
Sous la direction de Nathalie Duclos

Traduit par Judith Andreyev et al.

This edited volume deals with the reintegration and trajectories of intrastate or interstate war veterans. It raises the question of the effects of the war experience on ex-combatants with regards, in particular, to the perpetuation of a certain level of violence as well as the maintaining of structures, networks, and war methods after the war. The book considers various modalities of reintegration and analyzes how they are linked to resources, statuses, and sociabilities that were all built during the war. The various chapters of the book also analyze the role of policies that were made for war veterans, the way society welcomed them back, and the social and economic context.

ISBN : 978-1-137-10974-3

Couverture PalgraveDemocracy at Large
NGOs, Political Foundations, Think Tanks, and International Organizations
Sous la direction de Boris Petric

The movement of human rights and democratic values generates an industry of aid. As a result, democracy programs become symbolic and material resources, which enter into the local political game. A country's politics is transformed through the circulation and use of the kind of resources generated by the aid provided by transnational networks. Democracy at Large analyzes the transnationalization of politics in societies that employ programs of democracy promotion in order to understand how new global norms and programs create forms of appropriation and resistance at the local level. It draws upon both anthropology and political science as well as field research carried out in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Romania, Cuba, Bolivia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Senegal.

ISBN : 978-1-137-03274-4

Couverture PalgraveDiplomacy of Connivance
Bertrand Badie

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch et William Snow

The status quo of the modern world order, a diplomatic entente best characterized as 'connivance diplomacy,' is examined here through its history, its functions, and its failures.. 

ISBN : 978-1-137-00642-4

Couverture PalgraveLimited Achievements
sous la direction de Zaki Laïdi

Traduit par Carolyn Avery

Through an analysis of the general principles of Obama's foreign policy, LaIdi shows how Obama has charted a realist course in the Middle East, in Europe, in diplomacy, and in war. 

ISBN : 978-1-137-02085-7


Couverture PalgraveMaking Peace : The Role of International Institutions
dirigé par Guillaume Devin

Traduit par Roger Leverdier

Do international institutions actually contribute to building a lasting peace? Counter-examples and criticisms abound: failures and submissiveness to the interests of the most powerful states. As diplomats, practitioners with these institutions, and experts in their fields, the contributors to this volume underline the strengths and weaknesses that these international actors have created and will not abandon. Their research and investigations reveal that despite the fact that it is possible to wage a war against the will of international institutions, it has become almost impossible to make peace without them. The issues examined--collective security, disarmament, mediation, peace building, human security, reduction of poverty and inequalities, international criminal justice, and multilateralism--make this edited volume a key reference work on international organizations.

ISBN : 978-0-230-11652-8


Couverture PalgraveChina and India in Central Asia.
A New "Great Game"?
par Marlène Laruelle, Sébastien Peyrouse, Jean-François Huchet et Bayram Balci

China and India growing interests in Central Asia disrupt the traditional Russian-U.S. "Great Game" at the heart of the old continent. Though for the moment India is unable to equally compete against the Chinese presence in post-Soviet Central Asia, New Delhi is well established in Afghanistan and has begun to cast its eyes more markedly toward the north to the shores of the Caspian Sea. In the years to come, both Asian powers are looking to redeploy their rivalry on the Central Asian and Afghan theaters on a geopolitical, but also political and economic level.

ISBN : 978-0-230-10356-6

Couverture PalgraveIsrael's Asymmetric Wars
par Samy Cohen

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch

This book is devoted to Israel's asymmetric wars, those conducted against irregular armed groups that have attacked it. It seeks to understand the Israeli strategy in the fight against terrorists acting under the guise of civilians or using the population as human shields. The army has implemented a loosely devised, if not simplistic, doctrine of "disproportionate response" since Israel's founding. The results have been mediocre, nearly always leading to the death of innocent Arab civilians and exacerbating anti-Israeli sentiment. Each time it has led to an escalation that is difficult to control and thrown the entire country into an increasingly inextricable situation. Practically every time it has made Israel, the aggressed party, look like the aggressor. What explains such perseverance? This research is based on vast documentation collected in Israel as well as on more than 60 in-depth interviews with officers and simple soldiers, senior counterterrorism officials, politicians, journalists and NGOs.

ISBN : 978-0-230-10444-0

Couverture PalgraveOrganized Crime and States.
The Hidden Face of Politics
dirigé par Jean-Louis Briquet et Gilles Favarel-Garrigues

Traduit par Roger Leverdier, Katharine Throssell, Cynthia Schoch et William Snow

In contrast to a globalizing approach to "transnational organized crime," this edited volume studies socio-historical environments in which mafia-esque violence has found a fertile ground for growth and development within the political arena. The various chapters explore empirical data showing how politico-criminal configurations emerge, are formed and allow for interactions between powerful official stakeholders and "professionals of the use of force". Links between military know-how and political power in Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey; the conversion of "violent entrepreneurs" into the Russian or Bulgarian political arena; the political racketeering activities of leaders of armed nationalist movements in Corsica; interactions between the Calabrese mafia and business; investment by the Belizean government in illegal activities; or else, monetaryillegalism in the Somalia conflict… The various chapters of this book encourage a comparative approach to the study of mafia violence in the making and running of State power.

ISBN :978-0-230-62286-9


Couverture PalgraveBuilding Constitutionalism in China
dirigé par Stéphanie Balme et Michael W.Dowdle

This volume unpacks the relationship between constitutionalism and judicial power in China. It explores how court behaviour intersects with - affects and is affected by - China's evolving notions of constitutionalism.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0032-4

Couverture PalgraveIn the Name of the Nation.
Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia
par Marlène Laruelle

This book deconstructs the equation of nationalism with the extreme right in Russia. Nationalism now extends throughout all of the country and can not be seen as a phenomenon confined to the margins of society. This study rejects the interpretation that understands Kremlin-backed patriotism as simply part of a fascist trend in Russia and as a rapprochement between the political authorities and the extreme right. A simplistic analysis of such a paradoxical phenomenon addresses neither the basic issue of social consensus nor that of the inherent relationship between national identity and citizenship.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-1860-2

Couverture PalgraveCentral and Eastern Europe.
Europeanization and Social Change
par François Bafoil

Traduit par Chris Turner

The collapse of communism in 1989 paved the way for the reunification of the continent. For Eastern European countries, the reaffirmation of their political, economic and social independence took place simultaneously within a context marked by globabization and the rules of the European union. This book analyses the impact of the different dynamics of change since 1989 on public policy and on various economic and political sectors. The author's approach is elaborated in terms of strategies, conflicts, alliances and resources anchored in the communist period, sometimes even before, and revitalized by the new rules of the game. He studies the way in which national traditions of sovereignty within the new States combined with 21st century economic and political liberalism. By emphasizing the intensity and rapidity of the dynamics of change which have taken place since 1989, the author shows both the new States' ability to adopt global and European rules and their determination to subscribe fully to the Europe of today.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0771-2

Couverture PalgraveThe Politics of Regional Integration in Latin America.
Theoretical and Comparative Explorations
par Olivier Dabène

This book offers a unique perspective of the different experiences of regional integration in Latin America, drawing from theoretically framed case studies on Central America, MERCOSUR, and the Andean Region. It explores new explanations of the widely admitted failure of regional integration in this continent, linking the features of regional institutional arrangements with domestic politics. It also manages both to place the politics of integration in time and to account for the latest development of regionalism following the continent's turn to the left. The book includes an inquiry into regionalism at the hemispherical level, tackling the issue of contentious integration. The type of governance that is building up in the Americas does not seem to be compatible with the pursuit of traditional regional projects and even less with the launching of a new more radical one like the Venezuelan Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0847-4

Couverture PalgraveAn Identity for Europe.
The Relevance of Multiculturalism in EU Construction
dirigé par Riva Kastoryano

Traduit par Susan Emanuel

This book looks at the role of multiculturalism in the complex construction of the European Union, acknowledging the tension of creating a new political space for identities that are simultaneously national, regional, linguistic, and religious, and yet strive to encompass a political and geographic whole. The author investigates the difficulty of conjugating the complex, pluralistic sense of belonging that individuals and groups in the EU experience in efforts to form a cohesive political identity, and one that is expressly European.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-7540-9

Couverture PalgraveJustifying War?
From Humanitarian Intervention to Counterterrorism
dirigé par Gilles Andréani et Pierre Hassner

Traduit par John Husley, Leslie Piquemal, Ros Schwartz et Chris Turner

This book is based on a multinational and multidisciplinary discussion between American and European researchers and practitioners on the moral, legal and political dilemmas raised by the use of force in today's world. Are humanitarian interventions and counter-terrorism just forms of war in disguise? Is the just war tradition still relevant? What role does the issue of legitimacy play in the actions of states? Does the notion of "the global war against terror" play into the hands of terrorists? What are the lessons of the recent military interventions, from Kosovo to Iraq? What role for the U.N., for international criminal justice? What consequences for international order? The book provides no definitive answers but is the clearest and most searching available book to students and to the general public.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0042-3


Couverture PalgraveDemocracies at War Against Terrorism.
A Comparative Perspective
dirigé par Samy Cohen

Traduit par John Atherton, Roger Leverdier, Leslie Piquemal et Cynthia Schoch

This book deals with the difficulty democracies face in conducting asymmetric warfare in highly populated areas without violating international humanitarian law. On numerous occasions, democratic nations have been singled out by human rights NGOs for the brutality of their modus operandi, for their inadequate attention to the protection of civilian populations, or for acts of abuse or torture on prisoners. Why do they perpetrate these violations? Do they do so intentionally or unintentionally? Can democracies combat irregular armed groups without violating international law? When their population is under threat, do they behave as non-democracies would? Does this type of war inevitably produce war crimes on a more or less massive scale?

ISBN : 978-0-23060-4568-5

Couverture PalgraveNorms over Force.
The Enigma of European Power
par Zaki Laïdi

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch

Does Europe have the means to defend its own social model in a globalized world at a time when the United States, China, India and Russia are concerned by enhancing their national sovereignties and playing power politics? Would Europe, who would never be a "super state", be able to impose norms over force? That is the main question this book addresses in a very original way.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0460-5

Couverture PalgraveMoralizing International Relations.
Called to Account
par Ariel Colonomos

Traduit par Chris Turner

The end of the cold war has paved the way for a series of moral claims that force institutions such as States, International Organizations of Multinationals to justify themselves. What is the effect of this phenomenon on the international relations of the 1990s and beyond.

ISBN : 978-0-2306-0039-3


Couverture PalgraveEquality and Transparency.
A Strategic Perspective on Affirmative Action in American Law
par Daniel Sabbagh

This book develops and analyses in detail a key paradox of affirmative action in higher education, employment and government contracting.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-6382-6

Couverture PalgraveVietnam's New Order.
International Perspectives on the State and Reform in Vietnam
dirigé par Stéphanie Balme et Mark Sidel

This volume brings together distinguished international specialists on Vietnam and its reform process to explore the impact of reform in Vietnam on the Vietnamese state, society, and order, and Vietnam's international and regional environment;

ISBN :978-1-4039-7552-2


Couverture PalgraveWith Us or Against Us.
Studies in Global Anti-Americanism
dirigé par Tony Judt et Denis Lacorne

This collection of essays presents a nearly comprehensive understanding of Western and non-Western perceptions of the United States since the Second World War. The contributors describe and assess the complexity of anti-american sentiment in six disctinct parts of the world: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle-East, Central and Southeast Asia while respecting th ambiguities, contradictions, and frequent reversals of these sentiments. The book does not seek to attack or defend the United States but rather looks to bring sustained attention to the sources of anti-americanism, its present variety, and its likely trajectory.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-6951-4


Couverture PalgraveCyber China.
Reshaping National Identities in the Age of Information
dirigé par Françoise Mengin

Does cyberspace prefigure a borderless world ? To better understand the political implications of new information technologies, the so-called Greater China region offers a case in point for it is an ethno-economic space crossing national boundaries at a pace with globalization. The development of an information economy can only generate new power struggles and provide new opportunities for accumulation of wealth in both material and symbolic terms. In so doing, new relations of domination and subordination are being instituted. The various chapters in this volume shed light on public and private actors' strategies aiming at monopolizing benefits provided by the information society, be it for government regulation purposes or for private enrichment. It also explores the new power poles that are consequently emerging. Beyond the historicity of each process, the authors show how the development of the knowledge economy contributes, though often in a highly ambivalent way, to both unification and fragmentation on very different scales.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-6578-3


Couverture PalgraveThe Political Economy of Emerging Markets : Actors, Institutions and Crises in Latin America
par Javier Santiso

By the end of the 20th century, emerging markets had become the new El Dorado of international finance. While this story is clearly about numbers, abstract amounts of money flows, it also concerns actors and institutions, a myriad of analysts, strategists, and fund managers involved, during the last decade, in a series of financial booms and crises. In order to understand financial crisis in emerging markets, it is precisely necessary to know how financial markets think, to analyse their cognitive regimes and temporal horizons. To proceed into the black box, or to analyse the analysts, also means, to learn more about the political economy of emerging markets, the way the market itself is organized. This book is therefore a "journey", using Albert Hirschman's wording, an attempt to cross-disciplinary boundaries, an invitation in trespassing from economics to politics, and vice-versa, from international political economy to economic history and economic sociology, and beyond.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-6232-4

Couverture PalgraveTropical Forests, International Jungle
par Marie Claude Smouts

Traduit par Cynthia Schoch

This book explores the complexities of what are tropical forests, what role they play not only in the environmental but in trade, nutrition, energy, and almost every facet of natural and social life for those living there and beyond. Although for most in the developed world tropical forests have gained a status of part of our heritage, theses forests are not really part of the global commons or a global public good. Developing nations maintain control over the forests within their borders and often use the forests as they see fit. The international system for mediating the issue is a fractures group of nongovernmental organizations and transnational networks, often with competing view of how to manage tropical forests. Despite this seemingly grim picture, Marie-Claude Smouts sees signs of improvements. A changing world view toward forest depletion is influencing countries both north and south. Some progress toward better forest management has been made in the field, and there is a general awareness of the need to develop participatory management, one of the few notions to have emerged that takes in the issue in all its complexity. Although forests will continue to be used commercially, a new dynamic process is underway that should maintain them far into the future.

ISBN : 978-1-4039-6203-4


Couverture PalgravePolitics in China
par Françoise Mengin et Jean-Louis Rocca

Faced with the usual list of paradoxes that plague our views of China: it is a communist regime with a capitalist economy; an authoritarian state with an entrepreneurial spirit; a unified nation with tendencies toward fragmentation, the contributions to this volume work to go beyond them and to seek new paths to understanding China. To do so, the essays avoid the conventional approaches toward Chinese politics that focus on either evolutionist (culturally bound) or functionalist (role bound) issues. Rather than separate state from society, these essays explore how the interweaving of these different spheres creates a hazy border between them. The contributors explore the moving frontiers between other spheres as well, such as rural and urban populations, internal evolution and external influence, and money and politics. This book does not aim to offer a new framework of analysis for understanding Chinese politics, but to open up new directions for research and study on the topic. The internationally diverse scholars in this volume offer readers an intriguing look at the present and future of China research.

ISBN : 978-0-3122-9578-3

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