Whose Indo-Pacific? Competing and Converging Views

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A public debate organized as part of the "New Strategic Issues in the Indo-Pacific Region" conference on June 3-4 in partnership with the Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'École Militaire (IRSEM), The German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) and the University of Cambridge


Roundtable: German, French and British Views

Markus Potzel, Commissioner of the German Federal Foreign Office for South Asia and Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan - Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific

Hervé Dejean De La Batie, French Permanent Secretary for the  South Pacific  - A French view of the Indo-Pacific

James Hardy, Senior Research Analyst, Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Britain and the Indo-Pacific

Christian Lechervy, French Ambassador to Myanmar  - ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific concept : views from Burma

Chair : John Nilsson-Wright, University of Cambridge


Competing Interpretations

Champa Patel, Chatham House - The Free and Open Indo Pacific: Views from South East Asia and the Challenge for ASEAN

Marianne Péron-Doise, IRSEM - Japan and the development of ASEAN Coast-Guards : securing the Indo-Pacific ?

T.J. Pempel, University of California, Berkeley -  Japan and the Quad: A Regional Trade Order and Indo-Pacific Security

Chair: David Camroux  Sciences Po - CERI

General discussion and Q&A session


Responsables scientifiques : Christophe Jaffrelot, Sciences Po - CERI/CNRS, David Camroux, Sciences Po - CERI