Rethinking deterrence in the aftermath of the ukrainian crisis, ahead of the Warsaw NATO summit


Débat du 11/04/2016

Conference series on Russia's foreign policy today

Welcome address: Alain DIECKHOFF, Director, Sciences Po-CERI
Chair: Nicolas ROCHE, Director, CEA Military Applications Division
Introduction: Anne de TINGUY, Professor, INALCO and Sciences Po-CERI

Rethinking Russia’s Nuclear Strategy and its Implications for the West
Dr. Brad ROBERTS, Director, Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory and author of The case for US Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century (Stanford University Press, December 2015)

Rethinking Deterrence: British Debates and Perspective
Malcolm CHALMERS, Deputy Director-General, Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI)

Rethinking Deterrence: Lessons from the Past
Beatrice HEUSER, Professor, University of Reading

Discussant: Kori SCHAKE, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Academic coordinator: Anne de Tinguy, INALCO; Sciences Po-CERI 

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