Nuclear North Korea: Challenges to us Deterrence and Impact on South Korea's Defense Policy

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Débat du 12/03/2015

Facing North Korea: the evolution of South Korean defense policy since 2010
Kim Taehyo, SungKyunKwan University, Seoul, former security adviser to President Lee Myun-bak

The political and security challenges of a nuclear North Korea for Souths Korea's defense policy
Ho Ryung Lee, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses North Korean nuclear challenges and the impact on US deterrence and assurance Mark Fitzpatrick, IISS, London

Présidence et discutante : Guibourg Delamotte, INALCO/Sciences Po-CERI

Responsable scientifique : Guibourg Delamotte (INALCO/Sciences Po-CERI) Sciences Po-CERI