Migration and Citizenship in the U.S. and Europe: Transnational Challenges Then and Now


Mae Ngai, Riva Kastoryano 

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International migration patterns have shaped and reshaped individual and collective identities throughout history and across the world. In the present time of globalization, these dynamics have posed particular political and social challenges in both the United States and Europe and have commanded the attention of scholars working and teaching in diverse disciplines on both sides of the Atlantic. This project will offer an interdisciplinary and comparative graduate course on transnational migration and citizenship in the United States and Europe. Beyond the subject matter of migration and citizenship, it will more broadly expose students in the U.S. and France to international perspectives and connections.  The course will be co-designed and co-taught by Riva Kastoryano, a Sciences-Po political sociologist and Mae Ngai, a Columbia historian, and offered simultaneously to students in New York and Paris, using video conferencing and personal faculty exchange. 


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