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Software for research

Sciences Po provides software to support research activities. If you need access to this software, or for more information, please contact the SOS Helpdesk : sos@sciencespo.fr.

List of available software


Research Directory - Phd Clinic

Annuaire de la recherche - Clinique Doctorale

(credits: FNSP)

The Phd Clinic is a digital forum where early stage researchers can identify and contact faculty members at Sciences Po and CIVICA Alliance partner universities whose expertise is relevant to their respective thesis topics or research work.

Thanks to this platform, it is possible to consult the people in the Phd Clinic according to the institutions and research centres to which they are attached. The individual files present, in order of appearance, a description of the person's research, areas of expertise, disciplines and working languages, an overview of publications, links to open archives and to other sites where they are also very present.

Search options make browsing easier: they are located next to the logos of the institutions, research centres, areas of expertise, disciplines and working languages, in addition to the search engine on the right. The number of people concerned by your query is displayed at the top of each page.

To access the PDH Clinic, please click here. Choose your institution's logo and log in using your institutional email address and personal password. You will then be on the Alliance Civica digital campus, for which Sciences Po, with its information systems department and general secretariat, was the project leader with the Alliance partners. Then choose the "PhD Clinic" menu at the top, and select the institution of your choice: Sciences Po if you want to make a specific request concerning a Sciences Po research centre, for example.

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